Yup, America is getting Great Again!

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    Well at least TRUMP wasnt involved !
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    Keep thinking we've hit rock bottom with him. Then......another 30 feet down we fall.
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    Terrible accident. My condolences to everyone that lost a loved one on that train. First run of the train, people must have been excited about it. Just awful.
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    The problem is really a human design flaw: putting the back-up cables in the same or close tunnel to the main cables. This falls into the same category as buildings in NYC having their back-up power generators in the basements which got flooded during Sandy. You can spend all you want on "great" infrastructure but if it is designed wrong, it will fail.
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    The real issue is not spending on infrastructure but maintenance. Politicians love spending on big new infrastructure projects because that gets public attention and good PR for the politician who got the funds. Everyday maintenance gets no PR and no accolades for the politicians so it gets shorted for new projects.

    Yes, lets build well thought out projects that are needed but then properly fund the maintenance.
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    This will be a big part of the Atlanta post-mortem reviews
  10. Do you mean to tell us some bureaucratic regulations are good?
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  11. There's no ribbon cutting... that's why politicians don't like funding maintenance.
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    I don't know if I am oversimplifying things. but it would appear to me that the separation of those responsible for doing maintenance and those who fund it could be a key issue. It's the job of state and local authorities to ensure that things keep running, but congress votes for funds for that and for big ticket infrastructure projects. To the extent that federal funds underpin maintenance, they couldn't care less, they are only interested in announceables. In our parliamentary system the people responsible for maintenance are also the ones who appropriate the money for that and for infrastructure projects. They know that they will be held responsible for things that go wrong, not just for projects that aren't approved and funded. So maintenance happens.
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    Absolutely. I am not opposed to all bureaucracy, just when it does not perform properly just like my proctologist. :)
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    This has nothing to do with the train crash. Smh.

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    Next up - operator error excuse for Trump launching nukes...
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    I'm sure that alert on my phone would have triggered my usual response to emergencies:
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    So true. Unfortunately, leftists keep shooting themselves in the foot over and over and over again by screaming racism (or bigotry or fascism) when it's completely irrelevant. As Bill Maher astutely pointed out, by screeching 24/7/365 that GW Bush was a Nazi and that John McCain was a Nazi and that Mitt Romney was a Nazi, when a very dangerous man ran as the GOP presidential candidate, all the screaming leftists were dismissed as the boy who cried wolf. Mind you, I'm pleased as punch that leftists are sabotaging themselves. What I find unfortunate, tragic really, is that occasional cases of real racism are being ignored because leftists have so diluted down the accusation of racism to the point that it's meaningless.
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    Almost every few days: another Trump-related possible crisis.

    New York Times
    SundayReview | Editorial
    False Alarm Adds to Real Alarm About Trump’s Nuclear Risk

    Credit Hanna Barczyk
    It was the sort of nightmare that had only ever been real for most people’s parents or grandparents — the fear of an impending nuclear attack. “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii,” read the emergency alert that residents of the Aloha State received on Saturday morning. “Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.”

    The authorities quickly announced that the alert was a mistake. But it made tangible the growing fears that after decades of leaders trying to more safely control the world’s nuclear arsenals, President Trump has increased the possibility of those weapons being used.

    At a time when many are questioning whether Mr. Trump ought to be allowed anywhere near the nuclear “button,” he is moving ahead with plans to develop new nuclear weapons and expanding the circumstances in which they’d be used. Such actions break with years of American nuclear policy. They also make it harder to persuade other nations to curb their nuclear ambitions or forgo them entirely.

    Mr. Trump has boasted about the size and power of America’s nuclear arsenal, threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, pushed for a massive buildup of an arsenal that already has too many — 4,000 — warheads and wondered aloud why the United States possesses such weapons if it isn’t prepared to use them.
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    This is what I do not understand about the Trump administration's obsession with leaving the Iran nuclear treaty. It has allegedly stopped Iran from obtaining or creating nuclear weapons for a certain number of years. Those in charge of verifying compliance by Iran have said that that country has complied for the most part. If the treaty is not allowed to go forward and the U.S. pulls out, Iran will not be restrained from seeking nuclear weapons. Even if the U.S. slaps sanctions on Iran, there is no evidence that the sanctions will work as most of the countries that are also in the deal may not comply with the same sanctions and the U.S. has no way to force them to. And particularly now that the U.S. seems to be in relationships where its President can't even step on the soil of the participating nations.
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