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  1. jjkrkwood

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    Another day, another Trump news story.....


    It is being reported that Trump will appoint Sylvester Stallone as the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

    Very inneresting when you consider Trump's foreign relations next to the fact Sly brought the U.S. and Russia together with one boxing match… You know, in the documentary Rocky IV

    An insider close to the situation explained:

    "It's been widely and wrongly assumed that a Trump Presidency will be hostile to the arts. But Mr Trump feels this sort of A-list appointment is precisely the shot in the arm that the industry needs."

    Hmm… is this a snub to Trump's BFF Kanye West?! We imagine Yeezy would love a chance to control America's art scene!

    Maybe there's a different role left for Kanye…?

    If Trump does select Sylvester for the role, he'll have to be approved Congress. We imagine his appointment won't be an issue considering the House is controlled by people who are indifferent to every alarming thing Donald puts forth.

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  2. deej

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    This is actually the first cabinet appointment that makes a modicum of success. Among other things to his credit, Stallone is an avid art collector.
  3. jjkrkwood

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    I have an extensive porn collection. Does that count me in as a candidate ?
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  4. deej

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    Well, let's see....

    An Oscar-winning filmmaker who is an avid art collector as NEA director vs. a porn collector?

    Uh, nope.
  5. bostonman

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    I'm sure the president-erect, um, elect does too. Lots of pussy-grabbing vids. :eek:
  6. Oaktown

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  7. Nvr2Thick

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    Regarding the National Endowment for the Arts, I had heard that Trump's plan calls for separate chairs -- one for West and one for Stallone.

    Also, each will have his own water fountain.
  8. Vato Loco

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    We're all laughing and having a good time but this actually a very serious situation. We haven't had a diplomatic disaster this bad since...well...the last republican president. He too ignored intelligence briefings, the most important one of all that occurred in July 2001 when he was told we were in imminent danger of being attacked by terrorists using commercial airliners and his response was, "Okay, thank you. You've done your job and protected your ass. You can go now." (in so many words)

    By making that phone call to Taiwan without having consulted the State Department or having any knowledge of our diplomatic situation with China and Taiwan Trump inadvertently provoked Chinese actions that are, quite frankly, unnerving (like flying one of their nuclear capable bombers around Taiwan for instance in response). This manchild with a twitter account can very easily provoke a war by making statements publicly (via twitter no less) out of ignorance and an out of control ego that could spark the next big one. The folks in the Pentagon must be going nuts right now. Imagine the job they face having to deal with this maniacal narcissist who really shouldn't even be allowed to handle his own twitter account (or a blender) much less have access to the nuclear codes. We are truly entering dangerous times.
  9. he went fishing because he didn't feel like reading the memo: "Bin Laden determined to strike".


    one more thing about W.

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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Mr. Trump did NOT make any phone call to Taiwan. He RECEIVED a congratulatory phone call from a democratically elected leader of a friendly nation. Perhaps you would have preferred that he not accept congratulations from her? Or that he hang up on her? The President-elect has the right to take a call from anyone he wants.

    More fake news from liberals. Shocking! Really shocking!!

    America Will Be Great Again
    34 days to go

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  11. WilliamM

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    The image of a president or president-elect randomly taking phone calls is funny.
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  12. longtime lurker

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    I know you started this thread with the best and funniest intentions, @jjkrkwood, but I am afraid that we will all be bombarded with HOURLY Trump come January. Even though he once tweeted "Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations!" (meaning: Ben Carson will never be a threat to me since black thugs never make good presidents anyway and that Kenyan is proof of it), I have zero confidence that his presidency will be one that will be memorialized on Mt. Rushmore. Yet EVERYWHERE he goes and EVERYTHING he says will be documented on a multitude of TV stations and websites, even after he goes down with his own Watergate/Teapot Dome scandals. I am planning to remove television from my cable bill and stick to the internet since only a few channels give me any peace and quiet from his voice. I am sorry that I don't get a huge woody listening to him like Bozo. Please forgive me. I was never into S&M authoritarianism to begin with.
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  13. bigjoey

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    This is part of the delusional 9-11 myths of the anti-Bush left: if only Bush had listened to the dangers of an "imminent" attack, he could have prevented the 9-11 attack.

    Saying there would be an "imminent" attack and providing the useful information to stop it such as who, when, how and where are two different things. Without that additional information, the warning is useless.

    Now this putting the blame on Bush ignores how the Clinton administration failed to stop the plot that was hatched and underway during the Clinton years. Starting in 1993 with the first World Trade Center attack, the Clinton administration failed to stop the second attack. That 1993 attack involves the same cast of characters as the 9-11 attack; the Clinton administration tried to kill bin Laden and failed. The Clinton intelligence service knew about terrorists using flight schools to train pilots:

    Now if the American intelligence services knew so much, why between 1993 and the end of the Clinton administration was there a failure to detect a plot already underway and the terrorists already being trained in American flight schools?

    The sad fact is, as the investigations of 9-11 showed, there was a failure of American intelligence services to "connect the dots." The failure to stop the 9-11 attack occurred under two presidential administrations: Clinton and Bush. Somehow, the angry left only attaches blame to Bush.

    There are plenty of reasons to attack the Bush administration and the President himself, but ignoring the July briefing is not one of them.
  14. BgMstr4u

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    Back to Stallone.... I know this was started in humor, but....

    Why is it that so many people instinctively run down the intelligence and capacities of people in the entertainment industry? Stallone is not Rocky any more than Reagan was Rockne. (Sorry - that was just too good rhetorically to pass up. RR was the Gipper in that anyway.) Half the nation is entranced by some starlet or other who I have never heard of every time she opens her mouth. But just because some starlets give bimbos a bad name doesn't mean that the others are idiots. Let alone someone who is accomplished. Stallone might actually do a good job. The Sonny Bono syndrome.
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  15. jawjateck

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    I do enjoy some hearty laughs at his regular trolling of our corrupt corporate media. What did he call the "failing" Times columnist Krugman yesterday? "Demented"?
  16. bigvalboy

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    Trump boys caught in a pay to play with their old man, one day after he's inaugurated. :eek: Well that didn't take long...Just another Hypocrite....Hello...Chaffetz, Gowdy, anyone there? Time for another hearing? Oh that's right, wouldn't want you to drag the old man through the mud eh...:D

    And how lovely, an offer by the Trump boys to go kill wild animals with them.... Maybe as a special VIP prize, they could get Dick or the Palin woman to tag along....Oh yeah, this will be an interesting 4 years :D

    "The Trump family has been accused of auctioning off access before, raising serious conflicts of interest before the President-elect has even been sworn in.

    Last week, an auction offering a thirty-minute coffee date with Ivanka Trump was abruptly canceled after ethics experts questioned the appropriateness of the fundraiser. Several businessmen had told The New York Times that they put in bids for the meet-and-greet, which was valued at $50,000, to get access to her father’s incoming administration. An organization listed as Go Hydrogen had posted the highest bid of $77,888 before the auction was canceled"

    BVB is considering defrosting his plate of crow to serve it back to BOZO, but....there is so much more to come. I'll save it for later. ;)

    Save America again
    1,489 days to go.
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  17. bigjoey

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    Unfortunately for Krugman being called "demented," truth is a valid defense for libel and slander :)
  18. jawjateck

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    "The growth of the internet will slow drastically; most people have nothing to say to each other! By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's." ---Paul Krugman, 1998
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  19. jawjateck

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    I am left to ponder how much fund-raising the Clinton Foundation would have accomplished upon her majesty's coronation, acting as simple conduits to coordinate access between fat cats and the queen; nothing nefarious of course. :rolleyes:

    BOZO T CLOWN Count


    America's sweethearts wrap up the news events of the last couple of days in TWO Minutes only as they can do it:

    America Will Be Great Again
    30 days to go


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