Why Porto Alegre?

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  1. 12is12

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    Hi Guys,

    Why is PA mentioned so much on this forum?
    Are the saunas and/or garrotos different/better than those in Rio?

    Beyond sex, are there any touristic attractions I've overlooked?
    I didn't find on the web anything on par with Rio, Amazonas, Iguazu or Salvador.....

  2. Axiom2001

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    From a former poster at http://www.boytoy.com-- he stated in some of this posts that the weekend is the best time to visit for saunas, bars, etc., unfortunately,
    he rarely mentioned anything about the cultural attributes. See what's been mentioned at http://www.tripadvisor.com as well as http://www.viator.com as
    well as http://www.fodors.com; you might want to check http://www.gaycities.com as well although I sense by the paucity of special features in Porto Allegre--
    that city will not even be listed.

    So from your prior assessment and checking, the city is not a draw for the special tourist attractions!