Who was your teenage crush (the guy that made you realize you REALLY liked guys) ?

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  1. newguy

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    Wow! You saw Argentina Apollo in person?

    What was he like?

    He created all of my masturbation fantasies and initiated my lifelong foot and leg fetish.

    What a shame that almost all of his television matches don't seem to be available on DVD or Youtube..except a few.

  2. meluvjan02

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    I think I was born a dirty old man lol!
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  3. JayCeeKy

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    Unfortunately, Jan Michael did not age well.

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  4. meluvjan02

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    For tops: who on this thread is your fantasy bottom?
    Bottoms:who did you dream of bottoming for?
  5. fit n tasty

    fit n tasty Novice

    Top Frank Zane
    Bottom for Arnold Schwarzenegger
  6. Good Grief

    Good Grief Viscount

    The guys I'd posted about with pics above are some years older than I - it was a film phase I was going through as a young teen. They did, so to speak, crank my tractor. I will say one of the fellows that got my tractor going (other than my college fuck-buddy) was Jeff Aquilon, the "first" male super model. Wow! IMHO.
    Remembered him as I was looking for samples of Bruce Weber's work I posted in the Gallery thread The Photographer.

    Jeff Aquilon.....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. azdr0710

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    thanks a lot for a name on that guy @Good Grief !.....he seemed omnipresent in fashion ads during my late teens......yes, the first male "supermodel"!

    and today:

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  8. azdr0710

    azdr0710 "Old Timer"

    the guy wearing items G and H here seemed to be a mainstay in the Penney's catalog.....anybody remember him?

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  9. sincitymix

    sincitymix Count

    Simon Rex :D
  10. Good Grief

    Good Grief Viscount

    Good-looking guy. I'm from before his time, though I can still admire!:cool:

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  11. BabyBoomer

    BabyBoomer Earl

    Didn't he do porn in the 70's?

    ~Boomer ~
  12. matt842

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    I remember watching reruns of "The Big Valley" as a kid in the 1970s, and there was an episode where Heath was in a Mexican prison. The episode ended with Heath being stripped of his shirt, tied to a wall, and whipped:
    I remember how excited I was, and I didn't understand why. Then I was frustrated when it cut to a commercial.

    As @Gar1eth said (some time ago), Heath was shirtless often in "The Big Valley." The reruns were almost like soft porn for a kid growing up in the South who had this attraction that he didn't understand.

    While looking for the above screen cap, I found this:
    I don't think this was from "The Big Valley," but it looks like it could have been. I wonder if there are any other shots of Mr. Majors being tied up and whipped?
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  13. LADoug1

    LADoug1 Count

    The first uncut guy I saw in the showers in middle school. I even remember his name. I still drool over the memory.
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  14. deej

    deej Administrator

    Oh, those middle school showers.

    There was a drummer in the band I was absolutely in lust with. Marching down the street behind him in his tight jeans I'd just plotz over his firm, round butt. Then I saw him in the showers and his dick seemed to hang down to his knees. (Short guy so it wasn't that far, but still.)

    Middle school showers are a melting pot. Some guys are still children and some are well enough through puberty to be men.

    The memories are still vivid 50 years later.
  15. Gar1eth

    Gar1eth Regent

    I remember one guy making fun of me for having a few chest hairs in 8th or 9th grade.

    The funny thing for me unless I'm repressing my memories is that as one of the fat unathletic kids (some things never change-sigh), my main memories of PE showers is that I wanted to avoid them. I think I surreptitiously looked at a few of the guys, but I honestly don't remember ever being worried about getting a stiffy maybe because major embarrassment was a sure-fire boner killer.

    And while I had to take them occasionally in junior high (almost all the time in 7th grade less in 8th and 9th), I don't ever remember taking them in high school.

  16. Electra225

    Electra225 Master

    The very first one was Robert Conrad, star of "The Wild, Wild West"....
  17. I remember a kerfuffle in 8th or 9th grade science class, all the guys were talking about one of our classmates who got a boner in the shower.

    As a late bloomer, I was envious of the guys who'd hit puberty earlier than me. I still remember a handful of guys who'd REALLY filled out well.
  18. DrownedBoy

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  19. deej

    deej Administrator

    Kids can be cruel. There's a point in time when guys point at the guys who are "filling out" and laugh. Then the guys who made the change point at guys who haven't yet and laugh. It's a rite of manhood but it can be really cruel.

    If you're a little early and then go a little farther than others, well, you're the school laughing stock. I was called "donkey dick" years before I learned that it was actually desirable in a certain population. It was mortifying at that age. (Until Kenny friendlied up, and he friendlied up a lot.)
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  20. s1conrad

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    My first crush, when I was about 6 years old: George Maharis


    Followed by Kent McCord:


    I later developed a crush on Gerard Christopher (aka, Superboy):


    Followed by Michael Bergen (of Baywatch fame):


    to name a few