Who was your teenage crush (the guy that made you realize you REALLY liked guys) ?

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  1. newguy

    newguy Master

    Wow! You saw Argentina Apollo in person?

    What was he like?

    He created all of my masturbation fantasies and initiated my lifelong foot and leg fetish.

    What a shame that almost all of his television matches don't seem to be available on DVD or Youtube..except a few.

  2. meluvjan02

    meluvjan02 Apprentice

    I think I was born a dirty old man lol!
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  3. JayCeeKy

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    Unfortunately, Jan Michael did not age well.

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  4. meluvjan02

    meluvjan02 Apprentice

    For tops: who on this thread is your fantasy bottom?
    Bottoms:who did you dream of bottoming for?
  5. fit n tasty

    fit n tasty Novice

    Top Frank Zane
    Bottom for Arnold Schwarzenegger