What's a good Spanish speaking country for rent boys?

Discussion in 'Escorts South of the USA' started by joselowe, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. joselowe

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    I'm trying to look for a Spanish speaking country as I love Latinos....I dont really know which country has an abundance of rent boys and is also relatively safe...

    So far I have already done Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic...anyone have any suggestions? I'm intrigued by Venezuela (but I heard it's very dangerous) same with Colombia...but I am open to suggestions
  2. Gar1eth

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    Can Portuguese substitute? If so, for years guys have talked about the sauna scene there. Reportedly many/most of the guys are straight, but they are very friendly. Also apparently maybe the sauna scene isn't currently as good now as it was 10 years ago. But several members have had quite a lot of fun there. Drawbacks being you need a visa (if you are an American citizen) which can take time to get, and they speak Portuguese not Spanish. Take a look at the South of the USA Category under Destinations.

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  3. Kapkap

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    Mexico for sure. Loads of boys on Hornet looking for money and escort sites also.
  4. Axiom2001

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    Garleth, I can't respond to what you wrote in your first sentence, but in conjunction with what follows, very current information regarding the sauna scene in various parts of Brazil has been addressed in the "Latin Forum" at www.boytoy.com. [I've been here for a long time, since '98 and there since its inception. I've gained a lot of good information from both sites.]
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  5. Truereview

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    @joselowe , I would not focus on countries, but instead cities. Here are some where ive been lucky: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, San Juan, San Jose (CR). Of course, you should not be surprised that Rio has lots of beautiful trilingual escorts (Spanish, Portuguese, English). Lastly, if you really like Latin men, don't discount our wonderful selection in the US - NYC, Miami, & LA has some of the most amazing looking Latin specimens around the globe. Don't tell me you've exhausted the supply...if you have, you take my crown as the forum slut. ;)

    Venezuela & Colombia produce gorgeous men, but securing those who escort can be very tricky unless you know your way around or you have a good connection in cities like Caracas, Medellin, Bogota, etc. By the way, Havana will be an up&cumming market for Americans. Europeans and Asian clients have long been benefiting from this market. Time for us to sample! ;) I'm Planning a trip to Havana for 2017. Un beso y abrazo, - TR

    PS - don't forget la madre patria - Spain! Although not technically Latinos or in SA, the look and heart is there with men in Madrid & Barcelona. Woof!
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  6. MikeyGMin

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    My good friend is from Costa Rica. He says the rent boy seen in San Jose is very good. Lot's of local guys plus imports from Panama and Nicaragua. We're going in a few months!
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  7. I hear great things about Republica Dominicana, I would love visiting there.
    I can tell about Buenos Aires, abundant cheap premium escorts. Check www.soytuyo.com
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  8. Gar1eth

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    I want to go!!!:(

  9. joselowe

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    DR is amazing, but can be addicting! Guys go for like $20 us dollars and the guys are hot and well hung! I feel in love there...so dont fall in love lol
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  10. That's exactly what everyone tells me. I should consider spending a week there next winter.
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  11. Axiom2001

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    Jose, I don’t know where my mind was when I read your post, for I would have immediately recommended Buenos Aires to you. Latbear4blk cited an excellent website; I’ve hired from there, and if you can speak Espanol, the fee will not be the equivalent of the one requested by escorts from non Spanish speakers. Unfortunately, I do not speak or write Spanish, but I did hire and got along well. Another website that I used is: http://www.ratonesonline.com.

    Too bad that the hotties of whose company I had are no longer advertising at either site. I had my best fuck ever from an escort in BsAs.

    For as the DR goes, there are clubs where there are rent boys. Check out www.monaga.net blog. Anthony has always kept a wonderful update of places to stay, eat, and frequent for fun. There is a porn theater there, too. I didn’t go to it, but some post in the archives allude to this space.
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  12. AndreG

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    How about Spain? Barcelona has everything that you're looking for, trust me.
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  13. brall3

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    In 2014 I spent 2 months in Costa Rica, staying mainly in San Jose. I found the escort scene to be terrible! The only "money boys" I met was at the club which featured nude dancers, and I did not invite any of them to my room.

    For those of you who found the escort scene to be booming and wonderful, I would like to know WHERE? I have another assignment for San Jose, and I am not looking forward to returning there - no action.
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  14. MikeyGMin

    MikeyGMin Viscount

    Unfortunately, I don't go until April and then I'm going with a local. He said there is a well-known park that is a virtual supermarket, but you do need to speak Spanish to work out anything more than very basic encounter right at that time.

    How come you never invited any of the nude dancers? Just not your type?
  15. Kenny

    Kenny Duke

    The best Spanish speaking country for rent boys is L.A.
  16. Flavio Garay

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    Buenos Aires (www.soytuyo.com) and Mexico City (www.sexyservidores.com). Both websites take good care about who the advertiser is, so that makes the profiles reliable. The manager of www.soytuyo.com meets in person the advertiser to be sure that the pictures are accurate before uploading them.
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  17. brall3

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    Mikey, the guys were o.k. but very aggressive concerning money. I purchased drinks for some of the guys, and they downed them in one gulp and then asked for more drinks. They kept talking about how rich Americans are and a couple of guys asked me to buy an IPhone for them saying: "you have money and you can do it". This all transpired at the bar during my first visit - thanks but no thanks.

    I went to six different parks in and near downtown; no action to be found. I hope you will have better luck!!!!
  18. nycman

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    Is it wrong....to fly all the way to BA...just for a chance to tap that ass?????
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  19. MikeyGMin

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    I hope so too. My Costa Rican friend is a bit of a pocket mama bear. I'm pretty sure there will be things said in Spanish that I may or may not wish I understood. He has warned me that the guys in the bars can be very aggressive and there is a pervasive attitude that if you are an American on vacation you must have lots of money.

    His plan for me is to find a local guy who is not a pro but may want to join us for a couple days of all expense paid vacation and a "gift." He thinks I have a good chance because apparently in Costa Rica, and maybe lots of Latin America, the light skinned blue / green eyed men are the "ideal" for many guys. I like darker skin and dark brown eyes, so there should be less competition. We shall see.
  20. Truereview

    Truereview Peer

    If it is wrong, you are in good company. ;)

    By the way, you can also stay in the big apple, save $, & spend time with @Flavio Garay :D