Wet N Wild Cruise - Puerto Vallarta

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    I think this is in the wrong forum
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    I did not know where to post it frankly, but I figured since the cruise had go go boys on it, this forum might not be so bad. Where do you suggest I post it?
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    Yeah, it is as good as any. Doesn’t fit anywhere really, since it is not an escort discussion, not a strip club...
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    I don't think this is the wrong forum, since this is about travel...and the tour is basically a mobile strip club/brothel.

    Yes, I have done the tour...twice. Once with a friend, once alone. The owner/operator/host is a hyped up (understandably, since I saw him snorting something more than once) hustler who hires local strippers as the crew. It is an all-inclusive (except for the tips) deal. You depart in the late morning, head to Los Arcos, where they give you a chance to snorkel for about 15 minutes or so, using very basic, ill-fitting gear (don't think of this as an actual snorkeling tour or you will be disappointed), then continue on to a remote bay with a few restaurants, where you are served lunch (also included, except for beverages). The food is plain and filling, nothing fancy, and they switch between restaurants, depending on who offers them the best deal or who can accommodate the crowd they bring, so there's no way to know where you are actually going to be eating until you pull up. After lunch, you hop back on the boat and head to a (hopefully) deserted beach, where you can take off your clothes if you want. The strippers/crew all get naked at this point, and the "foreskin shots" begin. This is the highlight for many of the tourists. The strippers insert their fingers into their foreskins, stretch them out and up into a cup shape, and the host pours your choice of liquor into the foreskin, and a customer quickly sucks out the liquor, and sucks the head of the stripper in the process. They also have strippers get down on their hands and knees, and they pour liquor down the crack of the stripper's ass, and you put your mouth on the stripper's butt (above the anus) and catch the liquor. The crowd often has to be cajoled into participating. After spending some time there, the boat heads back to the pier near Los Muertos beach.

    The crew is hired from the stripper bar Antropology, and the host shows up there the night before and tries to make deals with the guys to crew the boat the next day, so you never know who you are going to get, and the crew ranges from cute to very rough-looking. The two times I have gone it was a mix of attractive, semi-attractive, and unattractive guys. They ply you with liquor from the beginning, and they especially turn up the liquor service on the way back to town, which is when they start to ask for tips--they tell people to hold their tips until the end of the day, when you are at your drunkest. I had some fun the first time I went, but when we got to the "deserted" beach, there was actually an elderly straight couple already there, which kind of put a damper on the festivities. Almost nobody got naked, although the old man very clearly stoop up and took off all his clothes, signaling that they didn't mind at all if people got naked! On the second trip, another guy who was nervous and apparently attracted to me latched onto me and tried to stay by my side on the entire trip. Also, on my first trip, they had so many customers that they hired a second boat, and the cute Canadian couple that I wanted to spend some time with got put on the other boat. Your experience on this trip will vary depending on who signs up on that day. The crowd always includes Mexican tourists, as well as tourists from the US and Canada. It starts out a little timid, but everyone loosens up after a few rounds of alcohol, and by the time you get back, you are sure to have found some fast friends. The strippers begin working hard for their tips on the trip back, and I saw one letting a guy suck his dick for 30 seconds or so, but that was the most I saw in terms of action. If you think the tour sounds fun, go for it. I don't think it's a bad way to spend a day, if you keep your expectations low. If you simply want to find an escort, it would be easier and cheaper to go to Antropology or Wet Dreams.

    One suggestion: they are serious when they tell people to take motion sickness meds. I did so both times. And on both trips I saw other customers sick and puking. They hand the pills out just before you get on the boat (if they have them available), but I would buy them and take them 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time just to be sure.
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    Thanks Mate, I will be going on the cruise on the 2nd of December hopefully it is fun. Thanks for the insight
  7. Depending on the alcohol used, it sounds like foreskin shots might be reeaaallly uncomfortable. I do not speak from personal experience, though. I *have* done the butt-crack luge, and that requires a very clean stripper.
  8. True --- But alcohol is an antiseptic . . .