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  1. coriolis888

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for escorts or for escort sites in Vienna?

    Rentmen has several fake ads for Vienna. I recognize some of the (stolen) photos in the Vienna rentmen ads as photos appearing for escorts in the U.S.

    The remainder of the rentmen inventory of escorts for Vienna is sparse.

    Sleepyboy includes England and Germany and a few other countries, but not Austria.

    Planetromeo site brings up only a few escorts for Vienna.

    Vienna has almost two million inhabitants. Logic indicates that there would be escorts in a city that size.

    Is there a popular or workable escort site for Vienna or for Austria?

    Thanks in advance
  2. John

    John Apprentice

    I just did a search on Planet Romeo and found 590 escorts in Vienna.
  3. coriolis888

    coriolis888 Baron

    Can you tell me how you were able to see that many escorts for Vienna on Planetromeo?

    As you probably know, Planetromeo recently changed its site to make finding escorts next to impossible for some who are not familiar with the site.

    I read that escorts are not available on the new redesigned site.

    Apparently, many escort sites are changing their sites to conform to strict rules regarding wording and prices.

    I was able to access the old site by putting the word "classic" before the regular web address (see above).

    The old site appears but only a few escorts show for Vienna.

    I am currently in the U.S. Could it be that my current location prevents me from seeing the escorts that you see?

    Are you within Europe?
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  4. liubit

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    I also see 589 escorts listed on Romeo in Vienna, but only 35 of them are online and thus approachable right now. Use the old version of the website just like @coriolis888 recommends, go to Escorts, online list of countries, Europe, Austria, Vienna, and you will see 589 as the total number of escorts in that city. Contact any of them, even those off line now: they will eventually log in and check their messages. Be patient. Good luck!
  5. coriolis888

    coriolis888 Baron

    In earlier posts I think I recall that you are not located within the U.S. I do not know the location of the other person who was able to find 590 escorts in Vienna.

    I am located, at the present time, in the U.S. Could it be that planetromeo blocks access to escort ads from the U.S.?
  6. liubit

    liubit Viscount

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am not in the US.
  7. Londontop

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    In the original post you say that Planetromeo brings up "only a few escorts" for Vienna. Doesn't that suggest that access to escorts isn't blocked in the US? It would be odd to restrict access on the basis of number of escorts visible rather than restricting access completely. I'm in London and this morning there are 584 escort ads for Vienna on Planetromeo.

    But when doing a "Detailed Search" (in the way Liubit recommends) remember that the site automatically checks the box which is labelled in green "Online now with". You need to uncheck that box to have the full list.

    Also next to the "Search Escorts" tab there's a box which determines in which order ads are displayed. The default is "randomised". It's a good idea to open up that box and select "Last log-in first" as that will show first the guys who are actively "seeking work" even if they are currently off-line.

    In Vienna there's a long-established escort agency called Boys and Men. They have a profile in the Planetromeo Guide for Vienna. I haven't used them but I know they've been around a long time. The website is professional and they have a mix of guys who've been with them a few years with periodic adding of new guys. The website is at It's available in German and English - you need to select English. You need a password to access the photos: ID is 9000 and PW is 69er.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. John

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    No, I searched and found 590 while sitting in the US. Nothing is blocked on PR, formerly GR.

    Suggestion: Pick your continent, country, and city from the drop down menus. If you just type "Vienna" you will miss all the men who call it "Wien." And Italians, Spaniards, Russians etc. may even use other names. Then there are some who just misspell it.

    There is a link on the new PR site (below the login) that connects directly to the old site.
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  9. coriolis888

    coriolis888 Baron

    I can now see the escorts in Vienna.

    Thanks to all for the suggestions.

    Use of the alternate spelling for Vienna (Wien) added more availability.
  10. JayCeeKy

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    To get to the "old" PlanetRomeo, go to the new website. Click on the "green button" in the upper right hand corner. Then click on "Help & Support" - then you will see "Go to Old Website." Then you can click on "Escorts" in the upper right part of page.
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  11. tassojunior

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    The new Hunqz section of the new PR works fine. The photos are better and on the free version you still get 50 favorites to save. To search other cities you do have to change your profile location to that city (says it didn't work but it did).
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  12. tassojunior

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    ah yes, you didn't realize you were looking for Weiners.
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