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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Apprentice

    Anyone familiar with social media outlets like twitter? I'd like to become adept and advertise my time and location via status. But I only have 1 follower, and I don't even know him :(

    How do I get more twitter followers?
    Am I better off finding another outlet?
  2. Twitter strikes me as a lot of providers chasing very few clients. I suspect your time is better spent elsewhere.

    Kevin Slater
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Apprentice

    Thats what I was suspecting, thanks kevin!
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  4. Speaking of, one good tool for social marketing would be to put a link to your ad in your signature on here.

    Kevin Slater
  5. Kippy

    Kippy Viscount

    Twitter, tweet, twat-- I don't care for any of them! :p


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  6. Jamie

    Jamie Apprentice

    Maybe someday, I'm not sure I am comfortable with the community just yet.
  7. East2West

    East2West Journeyman

    Don't underestimate Twitter. It might work in a different way than what you're expecting. Over the last two years, I've starting googling a persons name + Twitter to see if they're on it. Even if you're just tweeting availability, it might be useful (and free!). I often search Twitter feeds for politicians, celebrities, individuals and businesses. You can easily find useful information as well as batshit crazy.
  8. saminseattle

    saminseattle Knight

    I have also found out useful information about people via twitter, but some of them I would not feel comfortable “following” unless I could do so anonymously. Does anyone know if there is a way to do that?
  9. RyanDean

    RyanDean Lord

    @saminseattle - not sure it will work for you, but what I've recently done is (a) create two twitter accounts -- one for my "real" life & one for this hobby -- and (b) download two different twitter apps (like tweetbot and twitterific). One gets logged into my real life account; the other to my hobby account. It's worked well so far!
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  10. East2West

    East2West Journeyman

    Sam, I don't actively follow everyone on Twitter. If it's a random inquiry, I type up a person's name and then the word twitter in google search and click the link in the results. You can view their Twitter feed (unless they made their account private which is rare or aren't on Twitter). It's more a manual process but it's not something I do every day. It's usually more recreational.

    I recently saw a profile on A4A for a masseur named Sean Z. His profile says he does porn. I googled 'Sean Z. gay porn twitter' and was able to see more about him. His feed was definitely worth the read! (in a good way)
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  11. BabyBoomer

    BabyBoomer Earl

    Had to be Sean Zevran. :)

    ~ Boomer ~
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  12. Yummy.
    I only use my Twitter account (I only have a sinful one, not like @RyanDean ) to contact porn stars and find out if they are willing to escort. Also to watch previews of new porn flicks.
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  13. East2West

    East2West Journeyman

    I'd never heard of him until I did a search on him but now I'm glad I have. I'll leave it at that since this is Tech Talk.