Trip Report/Impressions- Saigon

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  1. Figured it'd be quicker to make a video rather than type it all out. Was half asleep as I posted this...we're only on Day 2 so Jet Lag finally hit us!
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    Thanks for the update! Big long-distance hug to both you and AJ.
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    Sexy son bitch....:p:p
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    Welcome back, glad to have you back, will be glad to have you!
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    Hope you have a great trip!!!
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    I had a GREAT experience in Viet Nam. Saigon was a revelation! I expected to be intimidated by Saigon, but instead I found a vibrant modern city, remarkably safe, comfortable and friendly. Hanoi is a bit more gritty--I think the south is more prosperous than the north. Other cities I liked are Hue, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Dalat.

    Vietnam Air is an excellent airline.

    The food is sensational. Food, accommodations and cabs here are incredibly cheap.

    My experience was that the population is extremely friendly to Americans and amazingly forgiving considering the damage we inflicted on that country. Relations with the US are very good these days and their economy is on a roll. For a communist country, the whole place is a seething hotbed of capitalist activity.

    Not much "action" in Saigon--it is no Bangkok in that regard.
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    Great update! Having seen your intineary I was quite curious (as I would assume others were as well) about the region, the food, etc. Very informative and your mini travelogue painted the perfect picture of the city and its people.

    We can now add travel consultant to his other talents...
  8. lov the video update, hope you can post some additional ones as you travel
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    I'm concerened about one thing. Tristan notes that the gym facilities at the hotel are a joke and that he has so far not really seen a gym in the country. Given his dedication to working out, let's hope that the big guy (not to mention AJ) does not waste away to nothing while he is there... :) Somehow I doubt that will happen. ;) Plus, one often makes their biggest gains after cooling things for a short while. So I don't think that there should be any worries!
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    He and AJ are roomies?

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    Steady, he did say separate rooms. Still, I knew I should have gone to Saigon to have a coffee with him (with them, as it turns out), but no, I wouldn't do it!
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    Almost like bringing too much U235 together in one place...! :eek:

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    I spent a year in Vietnam in the military in 1968-1969. My brigade's forward position was on the eastern side of Saigon. I drove through Saigon in a jeep many times and often stopped for lunch at French restaurants in the city and Chinese restaurants in Cholon.

    Thoughts about returning: I would want to see as much as possible, but that would take many weeks. My preference would be to return to Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand or Australia.
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    I would ignore previous ideas about Vietnam and plan any visit as just a chance to see the country as it is now. It's not the country that our service men saw in the 60s.
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    Hanoi is fantastic. Saigon's definitely worth a visit. Beautiful Halong Bay will likely be socked in with Fog when you visit. It so often is. I hear great things about Saapa. I like Vietnam quite a bit.
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    True mike Cary . My BF is Vietnamese and we spend time in Hanoi. I have an advantage as he speaks the language and understands the money, so getting around is not an issue. Being an American is never a problem. I've been to all the war museums and the Vietnamese people have let the past go a long time ago. You will see many older Americans coming back for visits.
    It's true finding a gym is difficult. Bigger western hotels are still the best bet. But the economy is starting to grow and I'm sure gyms will start happening soon as youth starts getting better jobs. Discretionary spending is going to electronic gadgets now. This is opening a new world to the newer generations.
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  17. Lance_Navarro


    We loved Hanoi & Hoi An, Saigon was nice, but a little too much like being back in the west with all of the KFC's and Starbucks. We did an overnight Halong Bay cruise which was absolutely beautiful. We also spent 4 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia which was actually our favorite city of the 4. Crossing the streets in Saigon is quite an experience. I'll post a video that I took in another post.
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    Here it is! An intersection in Saigon.
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    Nothing was as I had expected.
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