To Reach That Unreachable Star

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by CatnameFelix, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. CatnameFelix

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    Here's a fun little thread to shake up the "anyone been with's." Who's been your impossible hire, and why? The guy you've always wanted to be with, but couldn't hire because of: location, limited services offered, none compatible sexual positions, price tag, etc.

    For me, it would be Paul Pratt. Like every other escort I couldn't hire, he's a total top. But the reason Paul stands out is that he's got the BEST ASS IV'E EVER SEEN!!! It hurts so much :(

    Edit: I should add a rule to this thread, if you've met everyone you wanted, don't rub it in, lol
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  2. big-n-tall

    big-n-tall Count

    I've met a number of guys I had major crushes/attraction to... some I never thought I'd meet.

    There are two escorts based in the US and a few abroad, I'm eager to tangle with, but have no clue it will ever happen.
    I won't list the guys abroad, but the US escorts are XL (out of at ATL) and Cooper Reed (of Chaosmen fame). I may meet XL in the coming year, but Cooper has been an ever elusive prize. :p

    And don't even get me started on the porn, webcam, and models scattered across the internet. :)
  3. gallahadesquire

    gallahadesquire Marquess

    Haus Weston
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  4. sync

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    Derek Atlas [​IMG]
  5. CatnameFelix

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    Don't forget the why. I googled Haus Weston and see that he's sadly passed. But @sync why is Derek off the cards?
  6. sync

    sync Count

    Location, and I generally shy away from straights. However, Derek Atlas has many stellar gay interactive reviews.
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  7. Poincare

    Poincare Apprentice

    Angel Rock. I think he has stopped escorting. We almost connected once in 2013, but could not get the times to work.
    Also my absolute fantasy Miguel Leonn. Same reason...stopped escorting. I assume he moved back to Venezuela. The sexiest guy ever in porn. IMHO.
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  8. glennnn

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    Eric Hassan, but I hope I'm closing in on this star.
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  9. Blade9

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    Tom Faulk. No longer has an ad.

  10. steed8

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    There are so many.. Where to begin?
    The problem with these few is location, location & location... not that I don't travel, but...
    To start, here's my longtime numero uno desired one based in London named Esparco. sigh...

    My top drawer honor roll follows...'

    My apologies to Christian Power of Montreal for not listing him here but I've got to stop somewhere & Tatum Parks of Portland seems to have fallen away from escorting.
  11. steed8

    steed8 Baron

    Coincidentally, I just thought of sexy & hung Miguel half an hour ago.
    Dammit for having missed my chance before he retired!!
    Wasn't his last name spelled differently from how you have it here?
  12. A 4way orgy with Andrew Justice and DavidSF both of whom are Sex on a Stick! All orchestrated by Tyger Hudson (Bughatti) the ultimate sexual sensei master and holder of numerous degrees in Kinkology.
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  13. ross06

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    Tristan Baldwin --- Have tried emails and texts and have tried to see him when in NYC, but have had no luck FOR YEARS!!!! Would hope to meet him before I die!
  14. BaronArtz

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  15. CatnameFelix

    CatnameFelix Knight

    Another one for me is Michael Del Ray, because he doesn't escorts and barebacks way to much.
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  16. tsgarp

    tsgarp Viscount

    Benjamin Nicholas
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  17. cany10011

    cany10011 Baron

    Me too, I've always wanted to see BN but he was never available.
  18. Doe Be Doe

    Doe Be Doe Viscount

    Top three I'd like to meet:

    Alec Powers
    Lane Fuller
    Jimmy Fanz
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  19. RexB

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    Don't know if you noticed, but Tristan is going to be in NYC Nov. 20 -22. Might be your chance.
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  20. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

    try texting him.