This is something I'll never do.

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by marylander1940, May 30, 2016.

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  3. it would only count if your Doctor was hot and you had NO anesthesia.

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    Well I had it done because I developed the symptoms of Bladder Cancer... Long story, but the ultimate diagnosis was "Runner's Hematuria" which is basically harmless.

    I was totally awake when it was done and it was really no big deal, but it was not something that I would look forward to again. Others have really have complained about the procedure, but I am obviously more than a bit tough when it come to such things. Let's just say that it is the closest thing that I have come to "sounding", something that has been discussed in this forum on several occasions where there have be various opinions regarding the degree of sterilization or disinfection needed to do the procedure safely. I doubt that the sounds in the above video came out of an autoclave, but I digress. However, they made it look as though it might have been the case.

    The worst part was the female bitch of a nurse who prepped me for the procedure. A total unprofessional B I T C H! She said to me, and I quote, "This is how I get my revenge on men!" After it was done I purposely sought her out to tell her that it was a, "Piece of cake!" I really should have brought what she said to the attention of the doctor, but I just wanted to get it over and done with and get outa there.

    Oh, and unfortunately the doctor was not hot so I guess it does not count. However, there was really no anesthesia. Though I'm not so sure if I would have survived if I had gotten"excited" during the procedure.
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    Oh by the way this was the nurse in question. As if there would be any doubt!

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    Sounding is pretty hot when done right!
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  10. have you ever done it?
  11. Sounds Hell Yes --- Like that No!
  12. Have you reconsidered your opinion?
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    I had to wear a catheter for 10 days following a cystoscopy - my cock was half hard the entire time - then I had another cystoscopy
    when the catheter was removed my cock went soft and since that time have been interested in using insertibles.
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    When I had mine, I was awake but there was a deadening agent put on/in my cock and I felt nothing when the Cystoscope was inserted. But, it was
    quite uncomfortable when the probe was moved around in my bladder - it hurt. I didn't get a damn bit "excited". I'd really like to meet someone who
    is experienced in using Sounds.
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    Bladder cancer twice. Cystoscopy twice in the hospital to remove tumors with a balloon catheter after the first one. Pulling that deflated balloon through my dick to remove it from the bladder was nothing I ever expected to experience in my entire life. To the nurse's credit, she was great at removing it. I didn't realize what she was doing until it was over with.

    Follow-up cystoscopies in the doctor's office (awake) for check-ups with rigid probes through the urethra to look inside the bladder. The deadening agent helps just with insertion, but moving those poles/spikes/probes/skewers (whatever the hell you want to call them) up, down, and all around is uncomfortable to say the least. Yes, it hurt. My Urologist said some guys go golfing afterwards. I thought that was BS. I hear now flexible probes can be used (as illustrated in Marylander's post).

    So, 12 years later, I haven't touched a cigarette (the leading cause of bladder cancer), and I haven't had a reoccurrence.
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    Thanks for the reply and info about "flexible probes", however, I hope is never have to go thru this again unless the Dr is hot and it has a sexual component.
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    IN the mid 60s I experienced two cystoscopies and and it was very uncomfortable, fucking painful, as the Dr moved those metal probes around.
    I didn't feel anything when the instruments were inserted or removed. As that was over 50 years ago I assume that things and instruments have
    changed for the better. I had some stinging in my first several pisses though. I had to wear a catheter for ten days after the first cysto and my
    cock was half hard the entire ten days I had that in. At that time I was wearing boxers and when I walked it was pleasureable as my cock head
    rubbed against the boxer material.

    That said, since that experience, I've had a desire to insert something into my cock. I would like to try Sounds but have never met anyone who
    has experience with them. A Urologist mentioned that I have a very thin stream and should have the urethra stretched to widen the stream.
    I understand that Sounds can effect a stretching. Back in those early days, the Dr said the hole would be reamed (as in cut) larger - I never returned.