The real housewives of ISIS. Too soon?

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  1. I think mocking your enemy is almost as important as fighting them...

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    Back in the "good old days" of WWII, the government did propaganda to do exactly that. In Frank Capra's biography, he did film work for the government during the war and produced such films. I read the bio a couple of decades ago but remember one famous incident: the Hitler "jig" celebrating the fall of France; it never happened but through the "magic" of film, they showed him dancing;

    If you watch the other people in the film, it is clear his step was "looped" to look like a dance.
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  5. and sadly realistic...
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    The whole movie is a great one with "silent" scenes like Hitler's dance with the globe or the Jewish barber shaving a man to the Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody or the scene wit the coin in the cake.
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    Mocking it is better than fearing it. Fear is their goal.
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  8. I agree, I've said that before. LOL

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  9. Losers, he's right because that's who they are, calling them that way might prevent others from idolizing them.

    They also should be mocked with shows like the one above. Humor must be part of the strategy against them.
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    Nobody did it better than Mel Brooks.

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    I hope the costume designer got an Oscar.
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