The Bunker in London

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  1. slimdude2

    slimdude2 Novice

    Has anyone had experiences in the dungeon facility Bunker ? Visiting London in the Spring and definitely want to be worked over in this setting.
  2. Interesting

    Anything similar closer to the East Coast of the US?
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  3. uwsman2

    uwsman2 Count

    Somebody should establish a facility like this in NYC!
  4. evlgmuscle

    evlgmuscle Master

    Totally. There are several in Berlin FYI - very hot for a night out
  5. Pensant

    Pensant Journeyman

    Can you post the Berlin sites? I may be there in April.
  6. evlgmuscle

    evlgmuscle Master

    Google Mineshaft apartments and RoB apartments and I think there is one more set