The Boys of "Le Boy"

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    Saturday evening, "Le Boy" in Fort Lauderdale was bursting with boys. There were about 25 dancers, almost all of them twinks. This was the largest number and best quality I have seen in some time. None of them were the very thin little dancers of the past, and none of them were mature muscular guys. But they were generally slender, smooth, and youthful. There were two or three guys who had full chests and some muscles, but no big guys, older, or body builders.

    There is no admission or cover charge anytime. Just pull up to the front door, and there is valet parking for $5. Taxis and Uber cars brought a steady parade of customers after 10:30. The club is in a residential area, quiet and safe.

    The bar and patio were filled with customers by 11:00, and they continued filled until after 1:00. From 9:00 - 10:30 there were more dancers than customers, which made meeting and playing very easy. There were lots of dancers worth meeting, if you enjoy twinks. More than half of the dancers were Hispanic, many of them Black. Two handsome, charming, and well built dancers I met were from Brazil. Angel was a charmer and sweet with a great smile, a beautiful smooth body, great legs and ass. His friend, very handsome, had a bit of a beard, beautiful body, beautiful legs and ass, and danced as close to totally nude as you could and still be "clothed." He was a great tease (in a very good sense) and very popular. After dancing on the front main stage, the dancer moves to the opposite end of the room and dances on a small stage with pole, where viewers can get very close and chat with dancers as they perform.

    There were a couple of cute blonds and a couple of light-brown haired boys with very nice bodies - Jake was a standout. Andrew was a tall blond Russian boy from Moscow. Kyle and Kai were both cute, young, light-brown haired White twinks. Kurt was a slender, very pleasant dark haired boy. Brian was a very handsome, tall, smooth skinned 20 year old. Two of the boys were exceptional acrobatic dancers. Dante has been there quite a while and is better than ever, but there was also another very cute boy who danced even better. He was amazing. He could balance easily on one leg while extending the other more than 180 degrees in a variety of directions and changes. He did it with either leg; he did it in horizontal and vertical positions. He was unbelievably flexible. He had a great smile and looked at customers as he performed, rather than being in a world of his own. Other dancers did the Stock Shuffle.

    One very pretty creature with lots of very dark curls appeared after 10:00 wearing what I thought was a dress, but I was otherwise occupied. Later I saw him emerge from the back room (undressing area and lockers), and he was wearing black briefs. He was immediately surrounded by admirers, so I didn't get a chance to meet him.

    Most of the dancers circulated regularly from early in the evening and chatted with customers; there is no pool table or area outside the door to smoke. The others were easy to meet out on the patio, which is a popular space. Dancers will generally stay with you and chat, and you can play, if you periodically tuck dollar bills into their briefs.

    There is a private room with several curtained spaces behind the stage for lap dances. One of the dancers explained the basic fee for a fifteen minute session is $80 ($20 for the house and $60 for dancer), plus he would expect a tip of $60. There is another package for 30 minutes for $120 ($30 for the house and $90 for the dancer) plus a $30 tip expected by the dancer. The tipping part is certainly open to negotiation.

  2. Thank you Karl for this excellent summary. I assume then that each dancer has a different tip amount? What about a tip to the attendant in the back room?
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    Sorry, but I can't really answer either of the questions.

    I don't know about tipping the guard in back at Le Boy.

    Although I have seen Dante several times, I have never had a chance to talk with him. I think someone earlier on this board discussed him. He is a young man, of average height, on the slender side, and I think has professional dance training. He wears sort of brown dreadlocks; they were a little shorter and more trimmed this time than in the past. But he has a very full head of tightly curled hair, which he often tosses around. I'm not sure of his ancestry, perhaps one of the islands. He is noted for his highly energetic and acrobatic dancing. He moves continuously while on stage and is highly flexible. His splits, on the stage or while standing, have always entertained the crowd. He frequently uses abrupt, sharp moves of his head, arms, and torso. He enjoys performing and always tries to put on a highly charged show. When he moves to the back of the room, he makes extensive use of the pole He is usually covered in sweat by the time he finishes his two performances.
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    when i was there in January there was a fee structure for the private dance area. part of the fee went to the house who you paid and they paid the dancer..Tipping the dancer is up to you. I don't see any reason to tip the attendant further.
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  5. Thanks Geoff. When I was there last winter, the same attendant (bald guy) was there each time I went to LeBoy, and he made it pretty clear that he expected a tip as well. Perhaps he is gone by now.
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    A 100% tip? That better be Zac Efron doing the private dance. LOL
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    I was there in July and he was still there. He said something like, "Just to let you know, I'm the one that makes sure you get your privacy back here." He also said, "The usual tip for me is 15-20%."
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    I would've said okay here's a tip "get a better paying job"
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    Photos taken recently:

    The bald guy (I call him Sean's Mini Me) expecting a tip is ridiculous. You're a cashier dude. You're already being charged "rent" for that tiny cubicle back there. The dancers have already paid to work. All these new fees are just taking money out of the pockets of the guys dancing. I go far less often than I have in previous years. I do my own protest - I Uber to the club and pregame at Boardwalk's happy hour so by the time I get to LB, I'll have 1 or 2 drinks max. I used to do 1 or 2 private dances each night and have 5 or 6 drinks. I think I've done one private since they jacked up prices a year or two ago.

    Damn I miss Johnny's.

    Damn I can't believe I'm saying that. :)
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    I passed by LeBoy on Friday night and also found it to be mediocre at best. There were a few newish dancers - mostly slim, athletic builds (a tiny bit bigger than a typical twink). No one really caught my eye except for a young Russian guy who only recently starting dancing there. His english was terrible, struggled to make small talk, and instead of trying to chat, he just walked away. I don't get it. I had one drink and headed to Boardwalk.

    BW was pretty busy. Some new dancers but none that I was really interested in. Maybe I'm just getting too critical of the guys there but I keep hoping to be wowed...hasn't happened there lately :( Hopefully it will pick up now that fall/winter is slowly approaching.
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    Why don't any of you ever try Floppy Rooster in Miami?
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    Heading there for my first time this weekend and looking forward to it. Any pointers on best time to arrive, dancers to look for, any other tips?
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    Never been there lol I just heard the guys are gorgeous and get 100% nude
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    Apparently there are some shakeups management wise. On their Instagram they advertised job openings for cashiers, bartenders, and managers.
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    Things that make you go Hmmmm....;)
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    Those sound like pretty high prices, and heavy tipping, what do the private dances incur?
    Also, are most of the dancers straight like Twist, or bi?
  17. After a recent visit, I would like to recommend two dancers, both of whom are worth the visit. The first is Alfredo from Honduras. This is his third winter season at LeBoy. He is personable and a delight to the eyes. The second is Mag from Cuba. He is a stunning blond with luscious lips and a bubble butt.

    And, BTW, the bald "gentleman" who was in charge of the back dance area is no longer there.
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    I will be in Ft L in 4 weeks. I got an apt through AirBNB and found out it's 2 blocks from Le B! Funny.
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    Which part of Ft Lauderdale is that? I will be there in 2 weeks.
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