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    Latbear, Rio in July just past was lovely. Sweater weather may happen, but gorgeous nonetheless. The sauna guys are also hungry for cash due to low season.

    Tartegogo and others, generally, I do not wish to be preachy but I am inoculated for Hep where possible and on Truvada PrEP cuz I do love those maravilhosa salty milk spurts into my ravaged membrane-vulnerable craw, but TB is on my mind beyond the standard STDs. I routinely get a TB skin test post-travel BRZ because the prevalence rate is rounded up to 0.1% in RdeJ city. Me snogging with 50 escorts who each have snogged with 100 clients means a potential uptick in exposure risk. Early detection is key. The sauna working guys seem mostly clueless about it. I also find that my homebase NorthAmer providers do not bring it up. And, frankly, I find that some of my fellow clients do not look well and/or may be reckless and ill-informed, not unlike the hot studs we find on tap at the various establishments.

    Very thorough and enjoyable detailed reporting, tartegogo. I have mixed feelings about your commitment to informing your contacts about STD. I think you are doing the right and responsible thing in that regard, but I often get brushed off by working guys when I dare to attempt to broach the subject of prevention and surveillance.

    So enough of this wet blanketing (I mean me). There is just nothing like the sexual palace Rio!
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    Tartego, your projected cost per orgasm based on longer visit duration is quite accurate based on my experience ... about $80USD. This accounts for averaging out the expenses of sauna and personal apto dates, though not apto rent as I am committed to snowbirding anyway. However, I average about an hour of fully sexual face-time per date. But my preferred and optimal orgasmic frequency is 3-5 times per week! Thank god I am older, retired, and capable of long travel periods. I have an average refractory period technically, but my orgasmic setpoint is predicated on a few days of pre-orgasmic deprivation and anticipatory arousal. Quality over quantity. I am also extremely picky about date "type" so that also works in my favor.

    We need to organize a satellite sauna in a major NorthAmer city where visas are not required! This points to Mexico or Greenland. Europe is already set.
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    I am closer to Nuuk than CDMX!
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    Thanks RB.
    I will consider getting on PrEP if I ever go back, but given I am not taking that kind of risk, I am not seriously worried.
    I am already good for all available hepatitis vaccines. (I know some of them are just not covered by any vaccine, but what can I do about it? Stop enjoying life? No thank you).
    I never thought of TB, I have been vaccinated early and then got whatever boosters they recommend and frankly I thought I was good for life.

    On telling the boys about stds: the very first text I sent, I didn’t mention how I could have gotten it, and the guy was defensive and said “but I don’t have any symptoms, it is not me”. So make sure they know that the reason you are telling them is because whoever gave it to you, they could have it now, not because you are accusing them of being diseased ridden.

    Afterwards I texted them something like this:
    Hi <Gustavo>,
    If you remember me, we were together in club 117 10 days ago. I am back in the US and now my doctor has diagnosed me with gonorrhoea. Please understand that I am not accusing you, I don’t think you are the guy who gave it me. But I have been with many guys, and if one of them gave it to me 2 days before I was with you, maybe I gave it to you without knowing. I really hope you are ok, but you should get tested to be sure.”

    Then they might say “but we used a condom” and you have to explain that it transmits also by mouth. Or they might ask for money to pay for the doctor and you have to explain that any Rio hospital does free STD testing.

    That has been well received with most replies of “Ok, I get tested regularly anyway. I will go soon since you told me about it. Thank for letting me know.”
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    Yeah, the TB vaccination you would have received is unreliable against adult pulmonary tuberculosis. Sure, if you get TB it is treatable but as long as you are getting other screens following sexcapade-centric travel you may as well get a skin test at some point. However, I forget how long you need to wait after potential exposure. I have bi-monthly PrEP followup so get it done periodically ... one hassle being having it read 2 days later.

    The "cautionary tale" is a young man I know personally who got a complicated case of TB in a non-endemic area of the world, had to have lung sections removed and whose life went downhill from there. It was also mandatory in my work environment so I am accustomed to the regularity of TB screening. Now I do it because of the vast networking of diseases among sex workers and their admirers, my being a major consumer.

    I am not at all happy you got gonorrhea but I hope sharing it helps to shut down the occasional cavalier and naïve assertions I have heard in related forums, in the order of: well, what is the big deal, have never caught anything, blah, blah, blah. So the fuck what? These individual testimonials are useless when stacked up against the epidemiological realities.
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    Just want everyone to be clear about one thing: the small amount of pain and inconvenience I went through is nothing at all, next to the incredible amount of pleasure and enjoyment I received.
    So, would I do the same again, and would I take similar risks again? Hell yeah!

    We are just lucky this is not the early 19th century, because then I wouldn't have come near any sort of brothel (there was no treatment).
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    In other words, cruising. Time was, most gay men knew how to cruise. With the internet and hookup apps, cruising has become a lost skill.
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    Good news if you are going to Rio in July and still want Diogo, he is there now, not in BA, and he says he is working in Rio as a model.
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    I dunno. I grew up with the internet, but I'm still very adept at reading cruising signals, and responding to them. If you go to a cruising ground in London there are generally as many guys under 30 as over. Even the saunas have a fair number of young guys attending them, and they only work if you understand how to cruise (though I'd argue it's intuitive to most people).
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    Upper Market Street and the entre Castro district used to be thick with guys cruising any time of day or night. I'm sure people still occasionally meet on the street, but it's nothing like what it was. Buena Vista Park was simply amazing. You couldn't go there and not get laid.

    Part of this is a result of the epidemic, but I don't see how it's possible to cruise when one is hurrying down the street intently engaged with his smart phone.
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    Sure, it may be less common overall, or in specific areas. Doesn’t mean the skills no longer exist.
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    With regard to TB, the only "vaccine" that I am aware of is BCG which is usually give as a child and there are no boosters given. However, the administration of BCG can cause the usual TB skin TEST to convert to positive which can complicate making a diagnosis. The usual waiting period between possible exposure and testing is approximately 3 months so testing before that period of elapsed time can give you a false negative and false security. To avoid confusion and false negative and false positive readings with the usual PPD (skin test for TB) we often just go straight to the Quantiferon gold blood test. That is the definitive test for TB, even in the event of a clearly "positive" skin test and will render a chest x-ray unnecessary.
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    Good info ... appreciated. I have had a bit of a fright this month in Brazil. Started with a sinus cold, then my usual postnasal drip incessant coughing. But then total lack of appetite, like never before in my life. And then began noticing the public health posters in Rio saunas where TB has .1% prevalence (city estimate). You can guess this got me to selfDx ruminating. Then rash flareups similar to getting infected here with what was likely a dengue subtype a few years ago. Then explosive diarrhea. Never ever febrile this month.

    So I may have had some overlapping nasties going on. I just finished gobbling up my 3 day emergency supply of Cipro to try to cover some of the possible spectrum of what could be occuring, and I am finally bouncing back with growing appetite, more normal elimination, and attenuation of itchy burny rash patches. Coughing really eased up. But glad to be heading home within a week.

    Probably not TB, possibly a different (another dengue subtype?) mosquito-borne pathogen because I did get a cluster of several bites within the typical temporal window preceding current symptoms. Possibly something GI bacterial, though I am a Dukoral consumer. Fortunately, I have had 6 great weeks to offset the disappointment of the past several weeks. Just shitty luck to some degree. I also stopped my PrEP Truvada a few weeks ago as so much was going on, I wanted to get it off board in case I was having latent toxicities. Anyway, yikes!

    I look forward to hitting the reset button and my next Brazil trip will be much shorter. My dick did not fall off.
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    Just a small note but taking Cipro for 3 days was the historic recommendation. My understanding is that now it’s recommended that a course of treatment be for 5 days.
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    I believe that within overall infectious diarrhea indications, dosages are stratified according to subtype or cause of diarrhea, duration ranges from 3 to 7 days, and that traveller's diarrhea (non-specified cause) typically gets a 3-day script. Anyway, 3 days seemed to do the trick for me this time. But 5 days may be prudent to cover the possibilities. However, I have no expertise. My prescribing physician hears from me: please issue a script for my trip in case I get traveller's diarrhea ... they always write Cipro 500 mg q12hrs 3days. I believe some folks even take a single 1g dose.
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    I think you may have explained why antibiotic resistance is increasing.
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    Perhaps I misrepresented or you misunderstood what occurred in my case, msclovr. This is the first time I have taken an antibiotic for traveller's diarrhea in more than 40 decades of adult travel. I always bring Cipro but have never used it until now. Other than that, I cannot remember the last time I took any antibiotic for any reason. So it is not a case of overuse. I cannot speak to misuse (ie, incorrect dosing) because I am not a physician or pharmacologist and I leave it to them to prescribe accordingly.
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    "40 decades"

    My, that is a long time for an adult to travel.

    Just kidding, lol
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    Hey, thank you so much for putting this together. It will defintely help guys like me that feel a bit overhwhelmed and intimidated by the trip. So really,. thanks.
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    I second that. Your informative and well-written travelogue whetted everyone's appetite for a trip to Rio.
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