TampaTyler in LA

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by fratphysicals, Mar 19, 2017.

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  3. Arbimuscle

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    Sure would like to know if anyone has seen him?
  4. fratphysicals

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    Wow, nice find. He's using his real name too which is unusual...
  5. Chidude

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    Got a lap dance from him at last Saturday's Adonis LA Nude party. He is super HOT and extremely personable. Just a really nice guy. I'd also love to know if anyone has done a private with him and what their experience was like. Mhmmmm!! :)
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  6. fratphysicals

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    Right on. Do you know is he's straight?
  7. Chidude

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    That would be my guess, but I much prefer the term "heteroflexible" for our forum's purposes ;)
  8. Arbimuscle

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    Anyone ever done an overnight with him?
  9. Smurof

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    No, because as a heteroflexible he strikes me as a "head to toe" dude.
  10. Arbimuscle

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    This is where I stand. If they are young and good looking, $1000, will kiss, massage, give a handjob. Seem interested, can get off, with my help. Then they are worth the price. Above that price point, I do expect more. So, that's why I want to know. Just my two cents
  11. Bayman4Fun

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    We communicated today because of a "Bay mixup" - Tampa Bay & San Francisco Bay.

    He was incredibly nice by email & phone... and the pics are very much to my liking.

    Hoping to get some actual reviews... I've indicated he should contact me when heading west.