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    This may be a stupid thread but I have been curious for a long time about whether you talk during a massage. I have overheard conversations from other rooms when I've had massages - not the words, but enough to know a conversation is going on.

    Personally, I totally zone out and like the peace and quiet. Fortunately my go-to person at present speaks very little English so there is no urgency to talk. But when the masseur begins talking, I feel compelled to respond. What about others? Do you talk? Is it rude not to talk at least a little bit? A couple of times I've said, "I think I'm just going to zone out now..." It works but I feel rude doing it.
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    If I feel a connection I like to talk as long as he does not stop what he is doing. Though it is important for the masseur to know when to get the hint and stop. I often ask questions as I like to feel for the moment we are getting to know each other rather than I hired him for a job.

    I have also found it helped in the likeability factor for each other which makes the session a more enjoyable experience.
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    I, too, prefer to zone out, and was used to doing so from years of spa massages. But when I started doing more sensual massages, I found that there's talking. Sometimes a lot of talking. It's not necessarily bad, but I never feel that mental relaxation the way I would if I had an uninterrupted hour of peace and quiet.

    However, I'm leery to shut it down, because like @510guy said, it helps to connect with somebody from whom I'm usually expecting more than just a deep-tissue massage. So unless the conversation veers towards politics and religion, I usually just entertain it, and I feel like it results in less "robotic" experiences, like some have reported here.
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    I'm all about the zone. It's fine to talk at the start for a bit and if you like the masseur, chit chatting afterwards can be great, but I think the skilled provider knows instinctively when it's time to shut up. It is after all, on the client's dine.
  5. nycman

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    I had to get rid of my favorite massage therapist....because he wouldn't shut up.

    He was a bad conspiracy theorist....and LOVED to talk about it.

    Once I caught myself trying to use his inane and incessant babbling about UFO's, JFK, the Pope etc.
    as white noise to help me zone out, which is of course insane.

    For our next massage I made it clear that it bothered me and that I prefered silence......60 minutes into our next massage
    you could tell his head was about to EXPLODE from NOT being able to talk about conspiracies. It was causing him so much
    discomfort that I just gave in and let him talk. He blabbered on for the final 30 minutes....and I never saw him again.

    Unfortunate, because he is talented.
  6. Smurof

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    Tell him to talk with his mouth full...of you! That way you're both happy ;)
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  7. NYMassageAddict

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    My very first spa massage occurred at WM spa and I had no idea what to expect. I could hear another guy get jerked off and that kinda led to my excitement. When my masseur started with the HE, I let out a full loud grunt to let others in the spa enjoy the sounds of what was happening. I later learned that is not always appreciated but I had fun.

    To answer the original post, I have talked for a bulk of a massage mainly because I was curious to know more about a guy who would work at a spa like this. It was quite educational. But for the most part, I don’t want to be that chatty during this activity.
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    I like quiet spaces.
  9. bencleve29

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    I agree with @510guy. Especially earlier in the massage with a new masseur (for me), showing a real interest in them helps the connection. I’ve learned a ton about my favorites and I think it also helps them remember me for future visits. As the massage progresses or it gets more sensual the talk usually dies down which is great for me. Too much talking at that stage can definitely be a buzz kill. And then at the end a bit more chit chat is nice.
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  10. 510guy

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    Yes, when I am on my back the talking should stop. Or if I am moaning while on stomach
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  12. rustyrex

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    Seems like I had the same guy... unfortunately mine took the massage sensual and proceeded to give renditions of Bette Midler shows in process. The massage sucked and the guy was a little annoying. He invited me to a BBQ later on in the day too....needless to say never saw him again!
  13. a long time ago a traveller who practiced "taoist erotic massage" warned me that he enjoyed doing this as much as people enjoyed receiving it, and he might let out little moans during the session. It wasn't as distracting as I feared it would be.
  14. Mplsgymguy

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    Several years ago I went to see a masseur who had been recommended to me as being “very sensual.” Well, after the initial discussion of problem areas, room temp being comfortable, etc., I expected to just relax while his hands took me to a faraway place. Unfortunately, he began talking about his ex-wife and his problem daughter and all the headaches they were giving him - yadda, yadda, yadda. After I turned onto my back and the massage wound down, he said (in a hurt voice) he was disappointed that I hadn’t become aroused by his sensual massage. He tried to initiate an HE, but by that time I was totally out of the mood. I told him that if he’d done less chatting - especially about his family - the situation might have been different!
  15. ButchAtl

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    I find its a bit awkward to carry on a conversation while face down on a massage table.
  16. Indeed. It's like when the dentist chats. At least the masseur doesn't expect you to know what tooth he's talking about when he refers to them by number.
  17. fm0322

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    Okay, to continue this one step further -

    When you enter the cubicle for your massage, undress and lay face down on the table, what do you do when the masseur enters? Do you raise up, turn around and say "hello", or do you lay down trusting the masseur is the same one you hired? Does it vary if it is a first-time massage? Obviously for outcalls, it's easy but for spa massages, it can be tricky.

    I'm basically a trusting person and simply undress, lay down, and wait for my massage.
  18. Tarte Gogo

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    No I raise up and say hello, of course, make sure I get their name right, and explain to him if he needs to focus on any particular area.
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    I once had a masseur tell me about driving drunk and killing another driver, including about his time in prison, when he found out I was a lawyer.

    Another told me about his girlfriend’s miscarriage.

    Clearly people find it too easy to talk to me. Suffice it to say, I didn’t return to either.
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