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    After not visiting the city for about 10 years, I found myself in Atlanta over the weekend and decided to visit SR's on Saturday night. WOW!! Why did I stay away for so long???

    I arrived too early (just before 9:00pm). It was very very quiet until about 10:30pm. By 11:30 the club was packed. I spent the first hour in the main stage area and then paid the $10.oo to go into the VIP section. That was a good decision. I quickly ran into three dancers (Travis, Mark, and Andres) I knew from other clubs. They then brought a few more stunning guys over (one from Michigan and one from Cuba plus others). For several hours I was surrounded by 5-6 naked or nearly naked guys. I like very masculine/straight types and found them in abundance at SR's on Saturday. There were also multiple gay dancers as well although I did not spend time with them. Ethnically, there was almost something for everyone there. White and Black American guys, and latinos from South America/Cuba. I did not see any Asian/European guys dancing although they may have been there and I just missed them. Suffice to say that I had a fabulous time and am still wondering why I have not been back there for so long.

    Montreal (and Stock in particular) is my go to place for strippers along with the occasional visit to Miami (Twist). Personally, I am not particularly fond of the Ft. Lauderdale bar scene so I very rarely venture up there. Going forward, I could see myself spending equal amounts of time between Montreal/Atlanta and dropping my Florida visits altogether.

    I cannot recommend Swinging Richards enough. I am surprised we don't see more reports from there on the forum.
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    Great review. I always have fun at Swinging Dicks and surprised as well that it doesn't get more mention here.
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    Which do you prefer Twist or SR?

    Also is there a lapdance area in SR? And if so is there privacy?
  4. JayNY

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    I have never been there, but I would love to go at least once someday.
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    I've never been even though it's a hop, skip and jump away from me. I've met a couple of companions who had worked there and from what I understand it's a clean, safe well-run place. I just have this image of screaming, drunk women raising hell... probably unfounded.
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    SR is the disneyland of strip clubs, IMHO. Drunk screaming women are not allowed. They are required to stay in the main section and are not allowed in the VIP section where the fun begins. Seriously, the DJ is very clear and repeats often: "This is a gay club." It is nothing like the Magic Mike image. Lots of cool guys with friendly attitudes wandering about. Yes they can get aggressive about offering lap dances, but it beats the hell out of sitting in the corner alone all night. I usually start a tab at the back bar, buy some drinks for the boys who interest me, and chat away the evening with handfuls of hot jock boys. Have even managed a time or two to see a guy privately off site. I absolutely love this place.
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    Becket is spot on. Go to the VIP area and hang out there. No women allowed back there. Frankly, one forgets completely that there are women in the front of the club. The dancers know the big spenders tend to hang out in the VIP area so they get back there quite frequently. If you are buying them drinks and tipping them, they will stay back there with you. The lap dance cubicles are very private. No-one can see what goes on except you and the dancer. For me, Swinging Richards is the US version of Stock Bar. I would say they are very similar type clubs. Probably the best two male strip clubs in North America right now....especially if you like more manly muscular guys.

    Someone asked how I would compare Twist with SR's. They are such different clubs. SR's is much bigger when compared to the Twist gogo boy area. Obviously, at SR's they guys get naked and there is a private lap dance area which Twist does not have. So really there is no comparison. Twist was always fun to hang out with the latino dancers and speak Spanish (which I do). If you want "private fun" with a Twist dancer, you have to take it outside of the club. Twist is also a large multipurpose club with 4-5 different environments to suit your needs. The gogo bungalow is just one of the areas, there is also a quiet front bar, a large disco upstairs, and a latin music area. If I am not mistaken, the quiet front bar is open 24/7 or nearly that. Whilst I have not done it, I think one can go there at 8:00am for cocktails.
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    Just as a thought, perhaps one year this group could have a gathering in Atlanta. Central location, easy in and out airport, great hotels and shopping. The field trip to SR would be killer. I'll bet if we gave them enough advance notice they'd be sure to have their best guys on site on the evening of our visit. Or perhaps a group of us would like to set up a trip. I'd be happy to organize. PM me if interested.
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    I can't add anything else to the great comments above except that I wish the Mexican place across the street from SR would be open 24/7. Every time I leave SR, I'm hungry for a taco...
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    The Mexican restaurant is no longer there. The building is empty.
  11. Truereview

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    Lord ...now I will really need to source me a good fat burrito...I've seen some good ones in the VIP area:D
    Kidding aside, thanks for the heads up. I wish there were more restaurants nearby SR - within walking distance. That hill where SRs seems to be all by itself out there. Moreso now without the mex place - not that it was that good, but I did enjoy watching the scene. I like Twist Bc you can grab a bite to eat at some of the nearby diners/ restaurants that stay open late in Miami. Anyway, I'm a big SRs fan and I'd love to see a group night happen - I get to ATL more frequently in the fall.
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    The boys at SR are always getting food delivered. Buy your boy a burrito and enjoy it with him in the VIP. You and he can eat it like Lady and the Tramp...
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    In Montreal there is a really good 24 hour Lebanese fast food joint just a couple blocks from the strip clubs--Amir's. Great at 3 a.m. if one has worked up an appetite.
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  14. Just have diner before going to the club for desert.
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    Nice to hear about SR Atlanta -- better to have rediscovered it late than never. Reading the review made me nostalgic for SR North Miami and Pompano, both of which were superior to Boardwalk in my opinion. I'm still surprised that S. Florida couldn't support a club like SR.
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  16. Stephan

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    I'm going there in September.
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    I would like to clarify something Becket said. Loud drunk straight women ARE allowed in the club, but not in the VIP area. I can usually only last a short time in the front area before the women get on my nerves. When visiting on a recent Friday, I counted over 40 women in the club including two tables that were 5-6 women and one token gay boy at each. Even though the club states "no bridal showers," it was obvious to anyone watching, that is what the one group was.
    I say this, not to discourage you from going, but to let you know that VIP is worth the extra 10 bucks.
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  18. Becket

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    I agree. Forty women in the club would send me straight out the door. Luckily I personally have never experienced such a situation there.
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    Was almost hilarious at Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix on Saturday night- three different bachelorette parties showed up around 9:30 PM, ended up almost fighting over which group was getting lap dances for the bride to be! Luckily I had "sampled the goods" earlier, so leaving was no great loss, but the three male customers left in the place had some hangdog expressions on their faces!!
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    I've read previously that almost all of the dancers at SR Atlanta are straight. I would be looking to meet up at my hotel with a dancer who escorts, not a straight guy. Are there any dancers there who escort and are gay who will agree to an escort session? Please PM me if you can provide some names or descriptions. Thanks.