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Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Dr.Mavin, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Dr.Mavin

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    Heading to DC this weekend.

    Any good strip clubs or bars where there are hot gogo boys?
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  3. P Gren

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    If you missed the parking discussion thread - lucky you - the bar is a rip off (perhaps because of poor management).
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  5. The bar is not a rip off. @P Gren arrived too late, was charged, and missed the event. He is too horny to overcome the frustration.

    The bar is poorly managed but the event is worthy to experience. Just do not show up too late.
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  6. P Gren

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    A number of guys on here have been disappointed by Rockhard (and it might be poor management). There are other choices in DC
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  7. Xavitv

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    I went to rockhard last spring and it was unexpectedly fun. It is not as organized as places in other cities but it is ok
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    How much milage are you planning to get out of a single incident of bad timing? As far as I can tell, the few guys that have been disappointed at Rockhard, because it's a strip club, not a sex club, or that it's not free, or whatever, would have been even more unhappy at other places where the policies regarding customer/dancer contact are even more restrictive and they aren't free either. I go to a strip club for the dancers, so things like bad segues between dancers don't really faze me. I certainly don't go often enough for them to be making a living off me but they are still open, so it seems there are enough people paying regularly enough to keep it going.

    Since I linked to the master list for DC, we can all see there are other choices, that was never in question. And if one is going out on a night other than Sunday, Rockhard is not an option at all. So when you say there are other options, are you saying there are better options? If so, please consider sharing your direct experience with that, it was the question the OP asked. Don't hold back now! ;)
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  10. Nearing

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    When you're the only show with no Sunday competition, I guess you can run a crap show.
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  11. brettnyc

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    What about Secrets / Ziegfelds's ... I know their days are numbered because of redevelopment in the area - but it does offer plenty of NAKED eye candy, though you can't touch the goods.
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    Yeah, the contact limitations at Secrets make it not very appealing for me. But if you are going out on Thurs-Fri-Sat nights, it appears to be the only option.
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    What an oddly specific edit made after the following two posts. It's almost like someone is attempting to make one bar look bad in the most casual way possible, like it was just an accident. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, the edit is factually wrong in a hilarious way. Sunday is the one night of the week there are two strip bars open in DC, so customers have a choice. Which means the customers at Rockhard choose to be there and somehow the event is surviving even with competition.

    Of course, I don't agree with the premise of the statement anyway. No one needs to go to a stripper bar, it's not a grocery store. If it was not fun, I would just stay home. But I've been most holiday weekends this year, and it's been entertaining enough, so I've gone back.
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  14. DickyF

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    I haven’t been to Secrets in a while but I always thought it fun. True no lap dances but also the boys don’t hassle you. They are employees of the bar rather than contractors as at bars in FtL and elsewhere. Not sure that makes a difference but it might.
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  15. P Gren

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    Other people get to a different opinion than you. What is your obsession with answering any and all criticism of Rockhard? It's not your bar ... is it?
  16. oldNbusted

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    And you're back....

    Remember it was you who said you would have no further comment, but it's a free country and an open forum as long as we behave, I'm just making an observation.

    So you're still falling back on fallacious arguments. In this case, you state that other people get to hold their own opinions, but I certainly never said they couldn't, so you appear to be constructing a straw man. Straw man

    You also state that I am answering any and all criticism of Rockhard. That is just not true and that's trivially easy to prove. I never responded to the post by @Nearing made at

    Rockhard Sunday in DC RIP OFF

    My observations have been about apparent misstatements of fact (only bar open when it's not, closing time posted on the website when it is not) and apparent speculation presented as fact (mindset and personal knowledge of the doorperson).

    Of course, these observation are valid whether I'm associated with the bar or not, but that didn't stop you from implying that I am in the form of a question. This looks like an ad hominem attack. Ad hominem

    It is very amusing that the very person who has so studiously avoided responding to multiple questions from me is now asking me to answer a rather tendentious question of their own. It leaves little doubt, if any, that you have no interest in honest conversation.

    Having said that, and even though the answer wouldn't have any impact on the validity of the observations I've made, I'll answer the question. No, I'm not associated with Rockhard or anyone at Rockhard in any way other than just a normal customer. They don't know I'm here and even if they did read this forum, they would have no way to connect my comments here to me when I do go there. I receive no breaks, discounts, favors, or benefits of any kind.
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    You should change your name to 'dogwithabone.' Have a nice weekend.
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    You are truly a gift that keeps giving. Remember I was responding to a question that you asked.:cool:
  19. P Gren

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    Have a good weekend.
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    I'll point out still no responses to any of the questions or requests for clarifications posed, or even the courtesy of acknowledging they have been asked.