Street Guys Vs. Hustlers

Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by sddaddy, Jul 22, 2001.

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    Interested in some comments on the topic of preferring Street guys over escorts. Speaking for myself, I feel that the street guys are much better sexually than escorts. I have been with a good deal of each. Aside from the down side of street cruising...the cops ! What are your thoughts on the topic? There are some very sweet guys to be found working the streets who will provide an amazing sexual encounter for a fraction of the cost and attitude. Is it the sex or the thrill of looking for the sex?
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    The street hustlers I have been with have been mainly in Dallas and Houston.

    While there are some very nice ones out there on the street, many I have found are too druggy to "perform". Also, some of them tend to be dangerous (I like the "straight, ex-con, rough around the edges type) and that can lead to problems. A friend was murdered in Houston last year by a couple of street hustlers. Cardinal rule "One at a time". Two will get together and YOU are odd man out.

    Escorts? My experience is more limited but most I have found tend to be a little too polished for me.

    I prefer the street boys!

    Just my two cents!
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    Thanks for your insight, JC. You are the pillar of pride for recovering hustlerolics!:* MOOOOOIIIAAAH!
  4. If you are looking for cheap sex nix the Houston street hustlers (and risk to your life) and pay six bucks at any book store, you can find all the sex without the drama.If you want an escort that is not "too polished" or snobbish let me reccommend Randy from Houston (reviewed here) he is extremely down to earth, very giving and well worth the money. Houston is a tough place to pay for good sex most tend to be rip off artists or just plain blantantly robbers. x(
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    Your actual question has not yet been addressed. Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to picking up hustlers, few understand what it is about. For the mostpart, cruising for hustlers has little to to with the actual sexual act. It's all about the "cruise" itself. There is a rush that is obtained by the thrill of going through the "ritual" of cruising. Many of you know exactly what I refer to, others will be clueless. The rush is extremely addictive and difficult to escape from. Most experts will agree that the sexual addiction is the most severe of any addiction. An addiction to prostitues is terrible due to the shame that is associted with it. Ever wonder why some guys will pick up the "street trash" that we see so much of? It has nothing to do with the quality of the hustler, only the quality of the cruise! If you have concerns I would suggest a book titled "Out of the Shadows" available on

    As for the difference in the sex acts between a hustler and an escort. You are actaully having sex with an escort. With a hustler you are acting out and fulfilling some type of void. The sex act with the hustler is not what is providing the is the successful cruise. If you allow yourself to enjoy the companionship and sexual satisfaction obtained from an escort you will experience a whole new type of rush. However, hiring escorts will never be able to replace the desire to cruise for hustlers. They are two completely seperate issues.

    I have been recovering from the addiction to hustlers for years now, it's a rough ride and can be very lonely and frustrating. Read the book, go to a SCA meeting, do what it takes to break the cycle. Hire an occasional escort to experience the joy of sex for a change.

    This is a serious topic and the source of a great deal of pain for many men. I hurt just writing this post. Be warned...smartass replies will face my wrath!! x( :)

    P.S. I would love to see this topic in the higher traffic lounge forum. I'm sure that the majority of visitors to this site can relate but will not admit to it. That of course is part of the addiction.

    Did I answer your question or lead you into a black hole?
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    Very interesting thread. Made me ask myself exactly why I use escorts and hustlers. To be honest (god forbid :7 ) no one needs to pay for sex. Anyone can have sex and its not that hard to come by. For me, I guess I am either impatient, selfish, or just a plain pervert because when I am horny I need to have it the way I want it and with whom I want to have it! I enjoy the chase of finding a cute "hustler" at a bar or on the corner, get a really twisted thrill convincing a "straight" dancer from the gay strip joint here in Toronto to come back to my place, and consider it a wild adventure to set out at all hours of the night to persue an ad in the local gay rag, excited and tantilized by what I might find when I knock at the door.

    Or perhaps I am too lazy to find a nice young guy with similar tastes to my own? Whatever the reason. I liken Hustlers and Escorts to different flavours. As they say, "You pays your money and you takes your chances." Whatever you're in the mood for, just go for it. Be careful, some of the street hustlers look cute but are very deceptive, but straight and rough trade is sooo much fun!


    G. :9
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    I'd like to weigh in on this subject. As a person who has hired many Escorts and Street Hustlers, I would like to ad my experiences.

    I have hired both Escorts and Hustlers from all over the world. Consistently, I have found the Street Hustlers to be much more enjoyable when they offer their services. Does this mean I do not enjoy Escorts? No, it doesn't. But Street Hustlers are much more passionate and often enjoy pleasing you more than Escorts.

    Now, as far as Sexual addiction is concerned, I totally understand that SE is a legitimate and serious ailment, but it does not apply to all clients. While I am sure this business would be attractive to those afflicted with SA, I am not one of them.

    As far as "The Hunt" is concerned, It is true that is fun. But for me I like it because it is like Shopping. I also prefer it because I am soooo tired of Escorts who have ads or websites with very out dated Pics or inaccurate Stats. When I go "Shopping" I can see the merchandise before I make a purchase. While it is true many Escorts offer a money back guarantee, Once we have set the date, made all of the preparations for fun and the door opens, the last thing you want is to be disappointed.

    In regard to the dangers of Hiring Street Hustlers and those dangers are real. Here are a couple of very important rules.

    1) Please always remember, this is not a real date!!! This is not someone you know well. Do not let him spend the night.

    2) If you are an out of towner, always tell him you are in town for several weeks. If you tell him you are leaving in a day or two, it's an invitation to rob you blind because he knows you will be on a plane and will not be able to follow up on any criminal charges or locate him.

    3) Discuss what you want to do in detail. Ask what he doesn't like to do and discuss a price all before leaving the location you met him at.

    4) If you are staying in a hotel, leave your wallet, and any excess money in a safe either in your room or at the front desk.

    5) DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE!!!!! If he asks for the money in advance it is a warning sign that either he cant get it up, or he plans on doing a rush job or he plans on stiffing you out of the service you are paying for.

    6) Never go to his place for your meeting.

    7) Again, I repeat, this is not a date!!!! The safest way to conduct this appointment is to get the conversation about details done before you go to YOUR place. And follow my GOLDEN RULE!!!!! "When you cum, he goes." No lingering around afterwards, no pillow talk, no chit chat before the date. Get him in and out of your bed as fast as possible.

    8) At the beginning of the date, always tell them you might be interested in hiring them many times on your visit or if you are hiring at home, say you are looking for a guy to see one a regular basis. Doing this encourages them to want to do their best job. Additionally, if they know they can get some more money from another date with you, they are less likely to misbehave or try to steal from you.

    9) For all you bottoms out there, ask him in advance if he has any trouble getting hard. Explain to him that you will only pay half of the asking rate if he does not get hard. Watch his reaction. You will learn a lot.

    Finally, do not under any circumstances hire a Street Hustler while you are high or intoxicated. Hustlers look for that and consider you a "Mark."

    Following these rules is by no means a sure way to avoid trouble, but they reduce the risks substantially.

    All risks a side, Street Hustlers are more real, truly grateful for your business and almost never have hang ups about age or appearance. All of my best experiences were with Street Hustlers, not Escorts.

    I think it has to do with the motivation. Many high priced Escorts are often doing it because they believe they are so beautiful that we ought to pay. They feel like they are doing you a favor. While Street Hustlers are doing it because they have to and they really appreciate your business.

    None of what I said applies to all of any group mentioned above. There are some truly awesome Escorts out there and some scam artists Hustlers too. But all in all, the best sex I ever had came from $25.00 Boys not $250.00 ones.
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    It is both the thrill and the sex. Crusing is an art form that isn't limited to guys who are openly hustling on the streets. I like to cruise guys all over the place, at a mall, hitch hikers, bathrooms, straight night clubs, I have found some really interesting guys at college area shops who are just interested in making a few extra dollars .. they are not typically gay, just open minded and horny and usually broke :)
  9. A very thoughtful post, jc92103. I've always preferred hustler bars and street hustlers (when you can find them anymore) precisely because of the thrill of the hunt. I've also hired many escorts, but it's a different phenomenon.

    I wish you well in your battle against sexual addiction. I believe I may have it myself.

    By the way, I live half of the time in 92116 -- hence my handle. I wasn't aware that there were any street hustlers in SD anymore -- or hustler bars for that matter.
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    Hmmm. Some of these replies to the question have been mighty interesting. Especially for me, who is fairly new to using escorts and have never hired a street guy before. Actually, I have never even seen a street hustler before. I have always wanted to feel the thrill of the chase and have fantasized about finding a street hustler, but am so clueless about the where, when, how, etc. of looking for one, that I have resorted to the convience of the internet, email, and a phone call to set up playtime.

    Anyways, I can't give much of an opinion about the comparison of the two, but I would have to agree with the comment about the escorts with misleading ads and attitudes. And I've found that "what you pay for is what you get" does not apply to this business. It would be nice to do some looking before buying :)

    By the way, if anyone has advice on how to go about finding street hustlers, I would love to hear from you.
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    Street guys. I can't stand escorts, they are boring and it's a business. I prefer the fact that most street guys are str8 and just need cash!
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    I agree that the hunt is an important part of the appeal of hustlers. Plus hustlers just seem more "normal" than escorts. The escorts are pros, while there's a chance the hustler (aside from the druggies) just needs some extra cash. The rise of the net and social media has ruined the hustler scene for me.
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