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    I'm thinking about spending a couple weeks in south Florida this winter. My first decision is whether to stay in Ft Lauderdale or Miami. I know there are gay friendly places to stay in Ft Lauderdale, so that's a plus for there. But I like to have lots of things to do and see within walking distance or a short dive and I think Miami would be better for that (Miami Beach or South Beach?). No doubt I'll be hiring an escort or two while I'm there and I'll definitely be checking out the strip clubs and maybe taking someone home from one of the clubs.

    Any thoughts and advice?
  2. Why not a few days in both, so next time you'll know what you prefer?

    My impression is that Lauderdale is more relaxed, hanging by the pool and chatting with the other resort guests. Miami is more see and be seen, flash your money kind of place.

    Kevin Slater
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    Agreed- stay in Lauderdale for relaxation, South Beach for partytime.
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    I do both while down that way. Sixt generally has cheap car rentals (I was paying $15 per day for a standard car), and just mingled between FLL and MIA. :)

    My choice of venue was which was the best bang for the buck. (Not necessarily the cheapest, but what was nice for the price.)
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    Definitely a plus 1 on Sixt- they have always upgraded me on my rentals- October's visit I ended up in a 2017 Mercedes with less than 200 miles on it, due to their changing locations at FLL, and not having my reserved standard car at the counter upon arrival.
  6. I have been in Florida for weeks. What a great state! Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach are both good places to go. Right now I'm up in Daytona..