Shower: part of hour?

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  1. Courage!

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    A recent thread reminded me of a question I had:

    Whether and how a clean-up shower should count against time paid for in the following situations...
    ...client doing in-call at escort's?
    ...escort doing out-call at client's?

    My first hire was an in-call and I told the guy I was putting timekeeping in his hands, but I trusted him quite a bit.
  2. ncc1701d

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    Depends..if purely to clean up and; if shower fun is part of the scene then yes. BUt each escort is different
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  3. MileHigh

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    A shower is a must for both a client and an escort, as there are times when an escort says he showered and then there is still an odor, as as with the client. I ALWAYS shower once I get to the escort, as no matter how clean, it won't be as fresh as taking a shower right before. For the most part, the shower time to clean up was not part of the time, but there was one time when the escort included the shower time into the appointment time. I was really disappointed because that particular escort took about 15-20 minutes to get ready... Next thing I know, our time was up.
  4. pitman

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    I beg to differ. For my escorts, a shower is a MUST NOT! Unless the escort tells me otherwise, I will make sure I am freshly showered before we meet.
    I agree that a quick cleanup shower at the beginning or end of a session should not count as part of the time.
  5. Mydavid

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    I always take a shower before I go to the escort, so I don't need to take it again when I arrive. But I always take another one before I leave from the escort, and I always leave some time for it - I count it as pat of the time.
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  6. One of the main reasons I so dislike working on an 'hourly' rate (check my site for how I do things) is the idea behind questions like this. I wouldn't ever want someone I'm with to be worried about something so trivial during our time together, and if an escort is budgeting time into your session for a shower, then you should probably at least mention that you're not into that behavior. Additionally, if someone is ticking down the minutes that tightly in your presence, you should consider whether or not that person is really worth your time overall.

    I rarely shower after sessions (I'm just the kinda guy who likes to go home a bit dirty), but even if I did, can't imagine a context in which that period would be subtracted from our total time together. That kind of clockwatching spoils so much fun.

  7. Courage!

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    This stuff is new to me and I have the tendency to ask a lot of questions. It's my gift--it's my curse :)

    I respect the differences in business models--and my hope is that until I'm ready to hunt without paying, I meet pros who are fair.

    BTW, you present very well on your site. My compliments :)
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  8. peterhung85

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    Hygiene is extremely important to me and when I meet someone I expect my client to live up to great hygiene standards. Therefore if my client feels that he needs to take a shower, I definitely encourage him and would never count it into the session. I always allow extra time in case I have multiple meetings on that day and taking a shower - in my opinion - should be beneficial for both the client and the escort. It is only sane policy that paid companions factor this in to all of their meetings and to be lenient on this, since this serves everyone well.

    Meeting a client for an hour is just an indication for an approximate duration of the meeting but escorts must understand that creating an "experience" far surpasses the time constraints and should be flexible on this subject. Having said that, clients should also respect an escort's time and an hour meeting does not mean 2.5 hours either :)

    Respecting each other and each others' time is very important but you should enjoy yourself whenever you meet someone and not count the minutes down. A vast majority of my clients stay beyond the agreed time but knowing that the session left them happy (and wanting more) is more important than how many minutes it actually took!
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  9. MikeyGMin

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    I like to time it so that I'm out of the shower about 30 minutes before a guy arrives. Recent enough to be completely clean but not damp. I obsess about my breath and the freshness of my mouth so that cleaning, rinsing, and gum chewing continue until the minute he arrives.

    I've been lucky that no one has ever showed up who is in need of a shower. I know how I would handle it, but it hasn't happened yet. I have had several guys gracefully end a session by saying, "Can I take a quick shower?" I don't recall it ever being before the time was up, and I think it's a nice way of signaling that the session is over.
  10. Mo Mason

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    Mmm.. same here. No shower, and please come over directly after a work out, and NO deodorant or cologne s'il vous plait.
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  11. Smurof

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    The shower should constitute time accounted for when doing an hourly. I've discovered that I come much faster than other clients, which leaves an unusual minimal time left, so I just chit-chat.
  12. Well that's very kind of you. Thank you for saying so!

    As for your questions, they are valid! You should ask them! You are the customer (much as I don't care for that term or idea). It's harder to ask sometimes, one on one, than in a big forum like this, but don't let anyone tell you aren't entitled to understand the dynamics.

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  13. LADoug1

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    Escort showers alone because he arrives unprepared: not part of the hour.

    We shower together or I alone: part of the hour.