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    Thanks for the information Charlie. Very sad. He was a fine gentlemen. The old Numbers was a site to behold, there was nothing like it. It was absolutely legendary. Sadly life goes on, and everything changes I suppose. They say you can't go home again, but sometimes I rather wish I could...
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    The same obituary also appears in today's Los Angeles Times.
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    I feel so sorry for the young gays today. Im sorry they dont have places like Numbers to truly experience being a homosexual out on the prowl for young hustlers.
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    I read the post carefully. I only saw one bar "eleven" that you may score a boy at. There has to be more hustlers than that in LA. Where do they hang.
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    20 years ago, I would drive Santa Monica Boulevard on a rainy Sunday morning and I would service two or three young men in an hour. Over the last few years I relied on a young Garden Grove Viet boy who was an absolute total top. Sadly, he has now moved to San Francisco. He was a heavy, heavy shooter and believe it or not, he only charged me $40. Moreover, he was good a giving massages.

    I wish the desire to be with male prostitutes would go away, but it won't. Nowadays I just have the memories of a far better world, that has been destroyed beyond recognition.
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    Found nobody on Sunset or SMB.
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    You probably have to dig a little deeper than just Sunset Blvd. or SMB. There is a street called Lexington one block north of SMB and it runs parallel to it. Lexington starts on the east side of LaBrea and goes as far as Western. The meat of this lobster claw is probably going to be around Vine and Lexington. There's a Dollar Tree and Taco Bell. Taco Bell (it's open 24hrs.) and surrounding block might have what you're looking for. I have amassed a huge collection of travel size Mennen Speed Stick and Colgate toothpaste as I sometimes just happen to be driving by Dollar Tree heading home. It also has a varied customer base.

    Bear in mind this is 2016 and the area is not crawling with James Dean look-a-likes but Taco Bell, depending on what you like, won't disappoint in the people watching department. Just don't sit down in there.
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    It will... about 30 minutes after the soul leaves the body.

    I, too, remember "The Boulevard" back in the '80s when you could find hot hot boys up-and-down a three mile stretch - wearing tight Lycra, tank tops, muscle glistening - giving you the nod and rubbing their crotches. If you didn't find what you wanted you could check out the merchandise at Hunter's bar. I returned in the mid-90's and the place was almost dead.
    There was a hustler bar named Numbers up on Sunset but it was a little too snooty for my liking.
    I loved Rounds in NYC - that was hustler/john heaven with the hottest boys packed into two small rooms. Alas, a world-class d-bag named Giuliani ruined that venue as well as every other "point of interest" in the Big Apple. I remember David Letterman saying at the time: "Hey Giuliani, America has the whole rest of the USA for the family and kids, leave New York City for the adults."

    Now I know how Archie Bunker felt when he and Edith opened the show singing"Those Were the Days..."
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    I can see how that might have been interesting. On the other hand in my mind it's conflating with scenes from war movies set in Asia where the lady of the moment tells the GI, 'You have $20 dollar? Me love you for long time' which is totally off putting-not to mention the possibility of picking up an undercover cop. So I don't know if I ever would have cruised Saint Monica's BLVD.

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    I met 2 guys at Numbers in 1991 when I first moved from NYC to LA. One guy was incredibly hot, muscular, handsome and hung--and bat shit crazy. The sex was great, but getting rid of him turned out to be a hassle. I visited Rounds in NYC only once. Agree with you about Giuliani.

    Santa Monica Blvd. in the early 1990s did have quite a lot of street action, but I wisely chose not to partake.
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    But what about the other guy?

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    Any recommendations for bars/clubs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach where working boys might be found?
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    The last time I was in Fort Lauderdale (the early 1990's) I stayed at the Marlin Beach Hotel on A1A - does anyone remember that place? There were hustlers to be found along the side street of the hotel. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong hustler who promptly robbed me. I think they tore the Marlin down and I seriously doubt there's much hustling going on streetwise now. Working boys in the USA outside of the Internet are hard to find nowadays - except maybe in New Orleans.
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    The bar at the Marlin Beach was the place to meet hustlers...I stayed there late 80s and was propositioned continuously throughout the evening by a series of older gentlemen who kept buying me drinks... ( I was a puppy back then). Several young men like myself were working the place for more than drinks. I can't imagine there isn't SOME equivalent today. Can't ALL be internet hustling !
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    You guys are lazy. You have to spend two or three hours to find something acceptable to service or seed. You need to want it. There are still plenty of smooth clean boys and cds that are desperate enough for a seeding from a 60 year old. But you really have to lower your standards compared to 25 or 30 years ago. Really lower your standards.
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    I went to Numbers LA once as a younger guy. Even then I was into hustlers. I had no idea how anything worked. After hovering between the tables and the bar, one older guy tried to pick me up and I fled in panic. Can I go back for a do over?
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    I moved to L.A. in the Summer of 1985 and can remember all the hotties walking along Santa Monica Blvd. at all times of the day and night. Since I was young and stupid, I would pick up maybe one a week. We'd go to some fleabag hotel he was staying in and I'd suck him off. Sometimes he had nowhere to go so we'd find a quiet side street and I'd do him in the car. Other times I'd take him into a gay bar, buy him a drink and suck him off in the restroom. I was so bad. But there were some really hot guys with prominent bulges which made me moist and lowered my inhibitions. I wouldn't pick someone up on the street now for anything, but those remain fun memories.
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    last time I was in numbers was several years ago. I had dinner there and then sat at the bar. I made the error of leaving my drink on the bar while I went to the bathroom. Someone slipped something in there and when I came back I could start feeling woozy. Naturally, my whole perceptions were off. I ended up hiring two guys and then driving them back to the hotel....stupidest thing I ever did. I was a mess and it was a miracle I made it back there without damage. Then I left them in my room while I went to the ATM. I guess I should feel lucky as they both gave me their loads and left after payment. It could have been worse. After they left, I vomited for 20 minutes and passed out. Lessons learned the hard way....
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    Thanks for the info, might to see someday.
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    I miss the old drab alleyways of downtown San Diego in the 80s when peep show booths were a plenty where the Gaslamp Quarter is today. I nearly received my first head out in public back then, but just couldn't get over my date with a newly bald head who had beautiful hair when I set the date up!