Roy Moore blames the gays for sexual allegations.

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    Roy Moore blames the gays and socialists for allegations. I can't believe this nut job is going to be a senator. I am furious at Gloria Allred for bringing up the whole yearbook thing and now not providing evidence to neutral parties to prove your case. If you at going to bring up proof-at least check it before going public.

    This casts doubt on all the accusers. I guess demonizing the homosexuals still gets votes in Alabama.
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    I'd love to say Trump has lowered the bar for everyone, but I think society has been sliding down this slippery slope for awhile. I call it the Kardashianization of America, but in truth this started (or started accelerating) around the time Jerry Springer & Maury Povich became popular. Suddenly, having your 15 seconds (not even minutes) of fame became more important than dignity or decorum. People were willing to make spectacles of themselves for a little notoriety, and the country's sensitivity to such behavior began to slip. The Kardashianidiots then elevated the behavior to a very lucrative art form. The country has felt more and more like a reality show the last decade or so, and now we've reached the logically illogical situation of having a reality show in the oval office.

    Now get off my lawn!
  3. RM knows his audience well enough to know that this will guarantee his victory 12 days from today...

    Doug Jones (a Democrat) doesn't stand a chance in a state like AL these days, not even when up against a serial child rapist.
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    I shouldn't really, but why not...
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    Yes, @LoveNDino, you really shouldn't, but I'm glad you did!!
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    Really. I surprised the Racist in chief hasn't resorted to something like the fact that he employs several "Mexicans" and "Negros" at Mir-a-lago to save him from his "shithole" comments.
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    Another reason its good he wasnt elected. Assholes dont know the difference between Jewish and Christian. Although the lawyer is a CONVERT, he currently aint "A Jew" ! Bigotry just wont quit.
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    Yeah, the old 'some of my best friends are n****rs' defence.
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    This is as good a place as any to point out that Roy Moore lost in deep red Alabama. Moore had his defenders until the very end, and plenty of Republicans/Christians/conservatives did indeed vote for him, yet he still lost in a state where the Republican candidate usually wins by a landslide. Mind you, some doubt persists regarding allegations that Moore made sexual advances toward minors. The most famous of Moore's accusers confessed that the now notorious note in her yearbook was falsified, although other accusers have not been discredited.

    Contrast this loss with Bill The Rapist Clinton's two victories and Ted The Murderer Kennedy's umpteen victories. Leftists are enjoying an orgy of virtue-signalling with Trump in office. Leftists are in rapture as they shout from the mountaintop how morally superior they are to Trump supporters/conservatives/Tea Partyers/etc. Yet the "troglodytes" (as the left loves to label anyone who disagrees with them) refused to elect a man who might have behaved inappropriately toward under-age girls whereas leftists didn't hesitate even a nanosecond to elect a rapist and a murderer.

    Oh, the irony ...
  10. P Gren

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    Just to be consistent and not a hypocrite, if you are going to label Clinton and Kennedy with accusations, you really need to refer to Donald The Racist Rapist Trump and Roy The Racist Pedophile Moore. Just to be consistent. You don't want to be a hypocrite do you?
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    Unfortunately, the persistent allegations against Bill Clinton regarding committing rape, even here, have gone nowhere. The one woman who alleged rape later under oath stated that he had not raped her. As for "the murderer Ted Kennedy" the facts showed that he did not have the intention to kill Mary Jo Kopechne, which is the allegation that must be proved for him to be a "murderer." In fact there was evidence he dove back into the pond to save her. He made a huge mistake in failing to report the incident immediately. This is not murder under the law.
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    Denial ... if ain't just a river in Egypt, ya know.

    Before DNA testing, rape was actually a very difficult crime to prosecute. It was mostly he said/she said, and with the "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof, many rapists went scot free. I have posted previously the interview in which Juanita Broddrick gives her side of the story (I doubt anyone here bothered to watch because denial is a powerful force). Any reasonable person, after watching that interview, would believe that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. Bear in mind that besides Broaddrick, ~20 other women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. "Where there's smoke there's fire" is not proof of guilt, but the amount of smoke surrounding Bill Clinton is Cosby-esque. As for Ted Kennedy, even if you go by his version of events, the man was obviously guilty of murder.

    Contrast those two cases with Trump & Moore. Trump is so hated that if the accusations had any merit, the women making the accusations would be national heroes by now. Where are they? I know that one of the accusers wanted $2 million to come forward. When the DNC/Clinton campaign refused, she backed off. Sorry, but everyone has a right to presumption of innocence, even Donald Trump, and so far, the accusations fall short. As for Moore's case, again, plenty of reasonable doubt. The woman who claimed that Moore wrote a note in her yearbook admitted that the note was falsified. The other accusations are decades-old memories.

    Just the fact that you equate Clinton & Kennedy with Trump & Moore reveals the depths of your denial. As for the accusations of racism, I won't even bother. The liberal definition of "racist" = anyone who disagrees with me.
  13. TruthBTold

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    Unfortunately, there still seems to be an inability to understand the basics of allegations and proof. Ms. Broaddrick (no matter how many women may have claimed he did so as there was no trial which produced a conviction otherwise) stated under oath that there was no rape. If that is the basis on which you are calling Mr. Clinton a rapist then unfortunately he is not. I am not saying that he did not sexually assault or harass women because that may be the case but I don't think there has been a judicial case that has adjudged so. And, again, no, if you go by Mr. Kennedy's version of events he was NOT guilty of murder. In order to prove murder, one must prove intention and there is not any evidence that he intended to murder Ms. Kopechne. He may have been guilty of a lot in that situation but he was not guilty of murder.
    As for Mr. Trump, we'll all have to see if the behavior he spoke about in the bus that fateful day was actually used on live women. Until there are complaints and trials he has been found guilty of nothing and he is afforded a presumption of innocence.
  14. P Gren

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    You can be in denial if you want. I was more pointing out you're being a hypocrite. To be consistent with your need to throw out labels at people it's Donald The Racist/Rapist Trump and Roy The Racist/Pedophile Moore. You do want to be consistent don't you?
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    I was a resident of Massachusetts at the time of the accident. Kennedy should have resigned from the Senate.

    Looking back, resignationy would not have saved Mary Jo Kopechne's life. And the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would have lost a senator whose office provided superb constitute services for many years after 1969. I know @BSR will disagree.
  16. BSR

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    I believe this explains why Broaddrick signed that affidavit: "When [Paula] Jones’ lawyers subpoenaed her, Broaddrick signed an affidavit denying that Clinton had ever raped her. It was her decision to do so. 'I did not want to get involved, and I signed it hoping to stay out of it,' she told me. The next year, Clinton was on trial for impeachment for allegedly obstructing justice during the Jones case. Federal prosecutor Ken Starr’s investigation team reached out to Broaddrick to ask whether Clinton had forced her to file a false affidavit. Broaddrick was afraid of lying to a federal grand jury, she says. After Starr gave her immunity from prosecution for perjury, she decided it was time to tell the full truth."

    How ironic that leftists proudly claim that a woman has a right to be heard, a right to be believed. Yet they blithely dismiss Juanita Broaddrick and Clinton's many other accusers. I can understand why Broaddrick, a self-admitted "nobody" with no money, no power, and no connections, would want to avoid a battle against the President of the United States, the most powerful man in America with plenty of powerful friends who will all too willingly and all too gladly destroy anyone who causes trouble for him.

    In any case, the affidavit came after Bill Clinton was elected, right? So in November 1992 tens of millions of leftists all too willingly and all too gladly voted for a man who was credibly accused of rape. I would respect your stance if you just came clean and said what Joy Behar said, "I don't care if Bill Clinton's a rapist as long as he's a liberal." Leftists blanched when she made that statement, because she hit the nail on the head for their own reasons for voting for a rapist. Actually, I would not respect your stance, but I would respect the hell out of you for your honesty.

    I don't know what version of Mary Jo Kopechne's death you're going with. Here is what I know: Ted Kennedy was driving with Mary Joe Kopechne as a passenger when he accidentally ran off the road into the water. He managed to make it out of the car. He claims he tried to help Kopechne but couldn't. He rested (rested??) for a while before going to the house of a friend, and told his two friends in house what happened. None of the three went back to the scene to try to save Kopechne, nor did they bother to call the police or any emergency services. The first phone call Kennedy made was to a family friend. Only almost 10 hours later did Kennedy call the police. An autopsy was never performed because (my guess) the powerful Kennedy family made sure it didn't happen. Evidence exists that there was an air pocket in the car and that Kopechne died not of drowning, but suffocation when the oxygen in that air pocket was exhausted. Is that the legal definition of murder? No, but by my moral code, if you don't do everything humanly possibly to save the life of a human being and instead just make efforts to cover your ass, you are guilty of murder. Whatever you call it, that behavior is far more contemptible than the falsified "evidence," vague accusations, and fuzzy memories that damned Roy Moore in Alabama. Yet Ted Kennedy had no problem getting re-elected umpteen times. His leftist fanboys even called this murderer "The Lion of the Senate."

    What's your version of Chappaquiddick?
  17. BSR

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    In other words, to paraphrase Joy Behar, leftists don't care that Ted Kennedy was a murderer, as long as he was a liberal.
  18. WilliamM

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    It was an accident. I visited the exact place where it happened in 1969 near Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy risked his own life several times that night.

    If cell phones existed back then and Kennedy called for help, Ms. Kopechne still might have died. The water near Edgartown is far more dangerous than I realized.
  19. deej

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    DNA testimg only served to make a jury decision easier but it's still no slam dunk. Female jurists were often so inculcated in societal male dominance they would decide with the men folk.

    It's actually still a problem.

    Any argument that starts here likely won't end in a reasonable place.
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    The car going off the roadway into the water was an accident--unless of course he was DUI. Teddy Kennedy's negligence and malice in not reporting the "accident" (in an attempt to save his own ass) with no regard to the welfare of the woman is criminal. Anyone else would have spent many years in prison.
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