Reporting on Colombia and Bolivia

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    Hi Guys,

    Fortunately (for me at least), I have nothing to report on the for pay scene.

    Landed in Barranquilla a day before the carnival began. Within two days I got 100 messages in Grindr, only one of them mentioned money.

    However, I didn't even have to choose among them. As I have reported before, a month prior to my travel I registered my profile on MH (alternating weekly between Brnql, Medellin and Manizales),and had established contact with two guys. They were both good, but one of them was also a very nice person. I therefore invited him to join me on a week long drive to Mdlln and Mnzls. Consequently, I had no reason to sample the boys also in those cities.

    Of course I paid their expenses while they were with me, but no money exchanged hands. I gave each a present, to his liking. They both spoke English.

    In Mdln and Mnzls I also received scores of msgs on Grindr, no talk of money.

    I was solicited by Tobi Club, the rate there is about $30 for the best looking guys. It's about the same with for pay guys outside clubs or saunas.

    La Paz in Bolivia is a different story.

    In a city of 2 million, there are 120 profiles on Grindr. None of them excited me. I got circa 25 msgs. I hooked up with 5, mainly for conversation and company. Had sex with two, one good and one not.

    Even the young guys here are a bit stocky, with small dicks. Not at all the typical Latin look.

    That's all.

    Can anyone advise on Iceland?