Reince Priebus It was Russia After All.

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  1. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    Seems the Republicans finally admitted that it was indeed the Russians, but it was still the Democrats fault cause they wore suggestive clothing and walked the way they walked and the Russians did it but what choice did they have really. The Democrats shouldn't have walked that way, looked that way, said the things they said and this would have never happened. What's a Russian to do?
    Besides, this has been going on for a long time (though we just admitted it this morning) so they should have known that wearing a sexy pant suit and calling out despotism would lead to this.

    So now it just Bozo and of course, the poster here by the same name, who have yet to admit it.
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  2. bostonman

    bostonman Earl

    In other words, Putin grabbed us by the pussy, but it's no big deal because it was just locker room talk? :rolleyes:
  3. longtime lurker

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    Didn't the Leftie Lady (Rachel Maddow) say in her coverage that Putin was against Hillary for years and was plotting to sabotage her chances regardless of what puppet the GOP pitted against her? I still find it a trifle silly that Putin would be that upset about her being critical of his own election "manipulations" in Russia back in 2011-12, but... whatever! At least Trump is the one Putin can count on not interfering with his own exploits of the future. Trump has his twitter to keep him occupied in the nursery.
  4. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    Waiting for the eventual, perhaps not in my lifetime but eventual, revelation that trump not only knew but participated or at least promoted the Russian involvement. What effect this may have had on the election, only trump knows and he and his minions say none. Of course if there is no way to know, then really there is no way to know it was none.
  5. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    I suppose as long as it is not revealed that Russia manipulates the Powerball numbers, most trump voters will not really care. Hell if they do not care if he shots a man on Fifth Avenue, why would they care about simple thievery. Now that he has the "Precious" he will have to prove he can do more than line his pockets and tweet in the middle of the night. I am not hopeful nor gleeful. Of course James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Warren Harding are spiritually hopeful and gleeful, at least at the thought that it will soon be likely that they will not be considered the worst president. In fact Buchanan, was heard by a medium to incant: This could be yyyuugge for my legacy. James Madison was divined as rejoicing that he will not have the ignomy of having the smallest Presidential hands.
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  6. pubic_assistance

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    The Russians did WHAT exactly ? It's still a vague issue. The bottom line is NO voting machines were hacked, so there is no manipulation outside of media manipulation. It's still a choice made by citizens, not an electronic interference of Democracy.
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  7. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    After months of denial that there was any Russian attempt to influence the election, Mr. Preibus has said that Yes the Russians did try to influence the election. mr trump, defended the Russians and demeaned the intelligence gathering services of this government. Does anything he says mean anything? Oh by the way, mr trump has a gun and is headed to Fifth Avenue, you might want to grab your cell phone and a get a good seat.
    Or perhaps he is headed to an Embassy to help bolster the security staff. After all, Republicans Cruz and Rubio are proposing a cut in security funding for US Embassies unless the US Embassy in Israel is moved to Jerusalem. Hmmm, less security for Embassies, what could go wrong there?
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  8. deej

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    Right. The Russians selectively released hacked materials via WikiLeaks (which coincidentally is suddenly AGAINST leaks because of NBC's anti-Putin reporting). The media reported ENDLESSLY (particularly right-leaning media) on the leaks even though there wasn't anything of substance in there.

    Yup. No reason whatsoever to think that Russian hacking and propaganda may have swayed any voters. :rolleyes:

    There is also evidence the RNC (and GOD ONLY KNOWS who else) was hacked as well. But somehow those docs were never released. I'll bet they're holding those docs for something "special".
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  9. tyro

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    Where's BVB with the popcorn? I can't wait until the next episode...
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  10. longtime lurker

    longtime lurker Viscount

    That famous quote of his is what officially ended any support I had for him. Unlike Bozo, I no longer got a "rise" listening to his fat mouth. Coming from somebody else, that joke might have been funny. Yet he sounded so cold blooded and self absorbed. He got even worse as his rallies got more animated. I was already d-o-n-e with him by the time he tweeted "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism" after 49 were slaughtered in Orlando. I guess he could have said worse.
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  11. bigjoey

    bigjoey Duke

    Two points:
    If there was "wasn't anything of substance" in the leaks, how did they distort the electorate's behavior to vote for Trump? The leaks were factual and no one claims the leaks were fiction. They were more than weather reposts and provided transparency to what was going on behind the scenes.

    It has been established that the RNC had hacking attempts but they had better security than the DNC (John Podesta's password was "password" :)
    The FBI had warned the DNC about hacks and the DNC did nothing to strengthen security. The FBI warned the RNC and the RNC took action. There is no evidence that information was taken from the RNC; please provide factual sources that show RNC information of importance taken.
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  12. pubic_assistance

    pubic_assistance Viscount

    You fellas seem to overlook the fact that NO ONE likes Hillary Clinton outside of New York and LA. To me this is merely a bizarre narrative concocted to explain the obvious. Hillary failed because sucks.
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  13. deej

    deej Administrator

    Be PROUD, Trump supporters!

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  14. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Liberals are making a mountain out of this Russia/Wikileaks molehill because they refuse to take responsibility for losing the presidency to the worst candidate in the history of the GOP. First, the Democrat elites all but sabotaged the Bernie movement, thereby alienating a huge chunk of their base. They derail Sanders in order to coronate Queen Hillary, a deeply flawed, vastly disliked candidate with not baggage but steamer trunks of scandal, corruption, and malfeasance. Then Hillary runs a campaign with truly baffling strategy: making more appearances in slam-dunk California while never once going to Wisconsin, ignoring pleas from their Michigan staff for more help, making appearances in New Orleans & Chicago to run up the popular vote total. The nominee herself, her campaign staff, and the Democrat elite all made one disastrous decision after another. But yeah, it was totally Putin's fault that Hillary lost.
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  15. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent

    They tried, that's the point...
    LOL...This has been a very stressful year, and I'm not a well man. The ol ticker took a beating this cycle, so I'm off the popcorn and on to shots of straight scotch. :D

    AND...damn good to see round these parts Ms "T"
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  16. SundayZip

    SundayZip Lord

    There is no single reason that Hillary lost the election to Trump. There were a number of factors, including a less than perfect candidate, a flawed campaign strategy and the Bernie Sanders fallout. But she was also severely hurt by the selectively leaked emails hacked by the Russians as well as the Russian sponsored propaganda campaign the included fake news and human internet trolls. Lots of factors added up to Trump winning the election, but there's no question that a huge factor, and possibly a deciding factor, was Russia's successful effort to sway the opinions of American voters.
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  17. longtime lurker

    longtime lurker Viscount


    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    And that three leftist college academics from Massachusetts conclude Mr. Trump is a racist, sexist, etc. yada, yada, yada, it therefore must be true! lol.

    And a study done by the bearded lady in the circus concluded that facial hair on a woman is a major turn-on too......

    America Will Be Great Again
    12 days to go

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  19. longtime lurker

    longtime lurker Viscount

    Ha ha! Well... I would never say that every Trump supporter is a racist, but there were definitely more of them on HIS side than HER side.

    (By the way, I have a family member who voted for him and thinks racism was "invented" by the Democrats in order to get votes from The Blacks. I don't argue. Too exhausting.)
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  20. bostonman

    bostonman Earl

    So...we're just not supposed to care that Russia hacked us, and it's not worth finally taking action to do something about it? Like it just doesn't matter because this is actually merely all about Hillary, not about a foreign government infiltrating our systems?

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