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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Trick, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Trick

    Trick Knight

    I need recommendations for top escorts in Orlando.
  2. Keith30309

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  3. Trick

    Trick Knight

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  4. Same here....VERY lame encounter!
  5. Trick

    Trick Knight

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  6. Topseed

    Topseed Lord

    I last met Alec Martinez in Miami 2 years ago. Very nice guy, but I think his listed age of 38 is low by about 7 years or so.
  7. MikeyGMin

    MikeyGMin Count

  8. Scorpio

    Scorpio Count

    No, it's off by exactly 3 yrs.
  9. Trick

    Trick Knight

    May I ask how you knew that?
  10. vaguyD

    vaguyD Journeyman

    Alec Martinez was fun. Met him in January this year
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  11. Scorpio

    Scorpio Count

    His reviews used to post his actual birthdate March 1976... which I verified with government issued ID. Alec has always advertised his actual age, so I'm not sure if this is intential age shaving or an inadvertent error in updating his ad. Last time I saw him 3 years ago, he was still in great shape. Attempted to meet him again summer of 2016 and he stood me I can no longer recommend him.
  12. MassageGuy

    MassageGuy Lord

    RJInspired is my recommendation...
  13. Trick

    Trick Knight

    I did not like my experience with him. The massage with his body wasn’t for me. There was something about him that I did not get.
  14. TopVisitor

    TopVisitor Newbie

    I have met Alec many times in the last 15 years. Sweet, Sweet and Sexy is all I can say. Sometimes difficult to get a hold of I agree. He has a full career in addition to this. Amazing Kisser.
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  15. harlow

    harlow Novice

    Met Dillon Anderson when he was in Atlanta. I recommend him.
  16. Stefcho

    Stefcho Apprentice

    Anyone know of any bodybuilders for muscle worship/wrestling in Orlando ?
  17. HotWhiteThirties

    HotWhiteThirties Journeyman

    I would also put in a good report regarding Alec Martinez. Met him on more than one occasion, though it was last year. Special guy who is considerate, accommodating, and warm in all the right ways. ;) Would definitely repeat if the opportunity presents itself. I don’t get the impression he travels much, but I could be wrong. Come to think of it, a trip back to Orlando is most definitely in order!
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  18. JEC

    JEC Knight

    Jaxon Davis was my first hire ever. Smooth ginger bottom, very sweet. He has put some muscle on and is looking better than ever....I hope to hire him again.
  19. jgoo

    jgoo Baron

    I met Dillon in Orlando early 2017. Just an ok experience so I can't give him a high recommendation but considering the lack of good alternatives I'll give him a tepid recommendation. I haven't had the best luck with many guys in Orlando over the last couple years and for those that I did have a good experience with are no longer in the biz.
  20. othermanc

    othermanc Master