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    arpad miklos---2010; but I we almost met in 2004 too; our meeting started with discussion about how much he liked to travel; since I studied Hungarian, I tried to practice a little; then amazing kissing; a little oral, then I bottomed. It was beautiful and afterwards I said "I saw the face of God." That maid him smile. By the way, Arpad Miklos is two first Hungarian names.

    Eric Flowers--2010 in Prague. I always through he was one of the most beautiful men in the world in his prime. Too many steroids took its toll. Not great kissing. He liked to be rimmed. Then I bottomed. It was nothing special. He was not too into it. Very gentle though and decent conversation. He's very smart and sarcastic and witty.

    Leo Giamani 2016 A wonderful and kind gentleman. We talked about so many topics but did not have sex. I was mourning the loss of my cousin so was not in the mood. I got the sense that he was not excited to be doing this again after many years.

    Paolo Ramatti three times in 2012. He is much thicker than than when he was younger. I always thought he was the most gorgeous thing in the world. He lightly kisses. He is a funny sarcastic guy. He has a girlfriend. I just liked lying in bed and having him hug me. He does top well.

    Derek Atlas 2016 very open about his journey in life; totally sweet disposition; spent 1 hour in bad sucking, rimming, intercourse, kissing, very passionate and raw, then had drinks in the bar.

    Jonathan Collins. 2012. A frigid night in Budapest. He wore a soft and thick cream sweater. The kind that made it so nice to hug him. Great kissing. He bottomed. Nice and gently guy. Wish I could remember more

    Janos Volt and Ben Mason. 2009 Not a great twosome. Ben is my fantasy guy! But he was distant and would not do much. Janos was fun though.

    Trenton Ducati 2013. I can't get over his speech pattern. Turns me off. But I think he is super sexy in videos. Wouldn't kiss. I sucked him off. He topped me, but when he saw a drop of my blood he stopped a freaked out. That was it. Disappointing. Bad conversation. Like he can couldn't wait to be over.

    Rafael Alencar. A least a dozen times. What can I say. A masterpiece. Having him inside is one of my most pleasurable experiences. It's as huge as it looks in videos. And he knows how to use it. Such a sweet and fascinating and generous guy. I miss him.

    Miguel Leonn 2004. I wish!!! We emailed a few times but never connected. My absolute #1.

    Michael Lucas 2009. When he advertised briefly on gayromeo. We never met but sent a few messages back and forth. I asked him why he escorted and he replied "I like money"

    Angel Cruz 2013 or 2014. Before he was famous. He said "in 3 months, there are going to be many films with me." A little full of himself. But sexy as hell as you can guess great top. I like his Catalan accent.

    Alex Martinez 2015. Still looks great. Nice sweet kisses. He wears a cock ring but great top. Really enjoys topping. A kind soul.

    Guys I would pay anything to spend 1 hour with: Vilen Cage, Johan Paulik, Andrew Stark, Connor from CF, Stu from SC, Marcelo Mastro, Niko (ciprian calin), Jordan Rivers, Brandon Manilow, Andre Boleyn, Cain from CF...

    Ok. That's enough for now. I just wanted to document this so when my brain gets too demented from poppers I can refer to this and smile.

    Over and out.
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    Nice account, P.
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    Interesting post, and we share some would-be hire tastes, Andrew Stark who I find super sexy and Andre Boleyn who breaks my taste rule for not being into twinks, but I think he is beautiful!
    Porn stars I have hired and enjoyed would include Parker London, Johnny Hazzard, Chris Rockway, Jeremy Bilding and Andrew Justice. On my wish list would be Wesley Woods and Diego Sans
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    Tommy Regan and Gabriel Cross. So far. ;)
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    Ah, Gabriel. Be still my heart. :p
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    Re CAIN from CF felt the same way (about the OLD Cain not the current roided out one :-( IDK WHY so many G4P guys feel the need to get so huge when they were PERFECT the way they were ;) (Thank god he avoided the completely buzzed head and tats that so many also transition to) *btw I wouldn't kick him outta bed even NOW lol a hot man, I just liked the old one beta':rolleyes: *** and I prolly shouldn't say roided I have no idea who uses them n who doesn't I always just assume when someone's so big, but I prolly shouldn't o_O
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    Tonyko, I agree 100%. It is the same thing that happened to Ben Kieran IMHO. Still a nice guy tho. The pic you show seems oddly photoshopped???
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    Yeah, it looks like it was cut out and superimposed on the background. It's like there's a hard outline all around him.
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    Poincare, you're a lucky bastard!
    I hope you used protection with Trenton Ducati.
  10. What san entrance! Welcome to the forum @Poincare ! I love your first post, I specially enjoyed your comments about the guys off screen personalities. Keep posting like this and you will be popular here! :)
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    I quickly read that and thought you wrote "Barry Manilow"
    then I started imagining him in porn.
    then I started singing, "looks like we made it..."
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    Nice list. I have met many who have worked in some form of porn. I say of all the hires ever, off hand and non-scientifically I'd say maybe about 70% of the guys I met did some porn.

    I've only been hiring for about 6-7 years now.
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    Yes I noticed that too, poss a photoshop "effect" ala the one where you're outlined in plastic wrap IDK, but HE'S not morphed etc I've seen other pix, he actually competes now that is his size.
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  15. Sean Xavier. Not only beautiful but intellectually sophisticated. He can discuss queer identities while you fuck him. I've been twice with him and want more.

    Max Gianni. Sweet, gorgeous boy. He looks in person so much better than his pictures. Eager bottom.

    Ignition. Not very sophisticated or educated but beautiful and horny. His body is perfectly shaped and proportioned. Not a good kisser but a bitch of a bottom.

    Casanova. Fiasco. He has the sexiest mouth in porn, and he kisses beautifully when performing. However, he refused to kiss me, he came with a full leg wrapped after a tatto, very limited in movement. I just sucked him. I coped with it because he was one of my first hires in USA, before my active participation in this forum.

    Rio. I have been with him only once but I Want more. I hired him for only oral and he was amazing. We did not talk, I closed the door and he started French kissing me immediately. Amazing kisser. Gorgeous body.

    Guys I would like to hire: Mustang, Bamm Bamm, XL, Nubius, Orlando Ink, Bryce Evans, Tyson Tyler, Marion Mathis, Diego Thompson, Kevin Blaise, Roman Chase, Johnny Rapid, Trelino, Osiris Blade, Ken Ott, Jay Bentley, Filip Carbol, Justin Kace, Ken Mariano, Arquez, Brent Everett, Trey Turner, Race Cooper, Draven Torres, A.J. Irons, Scott Alexander, Jovonnie, Brian Bodine, Yanko, Jherrad Lopez, Dario Dolce, Calvin Hudson, Francesco Giovanelli, Eddy Diaz, Cornbread, Young Buck, Dayon, Hollywud, Diego, Felony, Jay Black, Kaleb, Kendall, Markell, Maseo, Noah Donovan, Nuvo, Romero Santos, Saint, Tae The Dawg, Tokyo, Brady Jensen, Supa Bad, Derek Reynolds, and so many more!

    I'm opening a GoFundMe account right now.
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    I thought Derek Atlas was more of a beefy football stud type, not ripped like bodybuilder? On my short list so looking for recent first hand experience reports. From reviews and forum threads seem to be a great guy who provides full service, but has a flaky no-show side to him that makes it unpredictable? Anyone?
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    I've hired 2 in my time, both basically fell into the "pornstar crush" category and both made me realize some fantasies are best left as fantasies
    Nick Capra - hired in San Diego a few years ago, was a bit too disinterested for my taste. Really had the whole "going thru the motions" vibe from beginning to end. Hired him for a "massage" which included mutual touching/play. At one point he stopped me from orally servicing him and asked me "are you clean?"
    Boston Miles - Was not a total disappointment, but was an odd encounter. I was in Atlanta with a partner, and we hired him for a 3way. He was very friendly, personable, we talked for a long time before getting physical and he was great. But when we started the physical, he couldnt perform. At one point he went into the bathroom to try to get his act together but just didnt happen. He left, apologizing for his inability. Wanted to try to make it up to us the next day, but honestly we didnt feel like spending the fee again for another possible unfinished conclusion. He was very apologetic, but offered no refund or discount on the potential 2nd try. He was a truly really nice guy, but we just didnt want to risk it again.
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    Okay, this thread just rekindled my pornstar desires. This may creep some people out, reason I hire pornstars is so I can later watch their porn and think, damn, that was inside me!

    Only been with three that I can recall (old age setting in):

    1. Talvin DeMacchio. Remember him? Long retired. My first hire ever and first time as a bottom. Saw him 3x.
    2. Boomer Banks. Clearly my bottoming skills have progressed. Lol
    3. Killian James. We know he's amazing.

    Oh, and yuck to the new Stu. Old Stu is way better! New Stu not my style. He is shredded tho.
  19. big-n-tall

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    Yes, you would be correct in that assumption. :)
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    Going back in time... Drew Damon and Mike Conway. Drew was nice, funny, stoned and fucked me like a champ. Mike was also nice and delivered a great experience. Must be the Canadian upbringing. Haha