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    "addition to my full-time job I remodeled and renovated multi-unit homes and commercial space in different Center City neighborhoods and continued to do so until 2015 when my health restricted my activities. As such I have a lot of experience with HUD/PFHA/Philly L&I/Housing Authority/Neighborhood Associations and the Zoning Board.

    And WILLIAMM if you have specific questions about admission to Anderson House I suggest you contact them directly -- I included the link"

    @Bearofdistinction, I am confused. In what capacity did you do so much remodeling and renovation? But never with the Redevelopment Authority, Philadelphia Housing Development Corp. or the lead agency a year or two ago, The Office of Housing and Community Development? Few people want to deal with PHA, so it's red flag.

    Also, the Philadelphia Gay News is something of a joke because it has supported a few candidates far removed from the gay community.

    I believe it's only fair to point out the gay community is divided, with Bill Way and John Anderson universally recognized as heroes, but not the publisher of The Philadelphia Gay News.
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    I love beautiful Philly. But there is more crime than you think including an up tick in gay bashings over the last several years. But they keep building $500k town homes in Kensington so it must not bother some.
  3. I did not say that I was Dan Keating - I financed my first project myself a 2 unit home from there I moved up to larger projects
    sometimes leveraging/sometimes working with an investor/sometimes working with HUD or FHA. At times I had to deal with L&I and the ZBA along with Neighborhood Association and Council Offices.

    Some people like Marc Segal the PGN Owner/Publisher - Others do not -- There are politics in any active gay community in the country.
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    Are you aware of some of party misfits Segal has supported. Yes, over-all he's done a good job for the community, but sometimes mostly for his own ego.
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    Philadelphia's own porn star: Joey Stefano RIP


    I looked back at some old photos of Mark Segal. My main objection: he apparently never cared if a politician was honest and worthy as long as it helped the gay community. The result -- to many photos with politician he never should have trusted
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    This thread came just at the right time for me. I'm visiting a friend there in a few months and since my retirement is looming, was looking at houses in Center City on (and men on RM). I love the fact that Philly is walkable and lowrise, has an NBA team (important to me), quick access to NYC and lots of culture. Does it have a downside? Of course, all cities do. But it seems to me there are lots of things to like, as well.
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    For me, it's tourists only spending a day or two here. Most people want to see the historic sites and one art museum and have a Philly a cheese streak.

    On certain occasions, Pope visits, weekend concerts on the Benj. Franklin Parkway, people will stay longer and stop and talk to locals. It was especially true when so many South Americans were here for the last visit from the Pope
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    I lived there for seven years in the 90s going to two of the large universities. I lived primarily in University City and Fairmount. Frankly, I liked it better before what someone above called the "renaissance." It has become much more expensive, much more congested, much more touristy, much more bourgeois, and much less unique. It has been very good for some people, but some of the things that gave the city character exist only as commercial shells of themselves or memories.

    As for safety--most places an affluent traveler or resident would visit are safer than the places that add to the crime statistics. If you keep your head about you and stick to the well-lighted beaten path, you'll be fine. If you go looking for trouble, there are many places to find it.