Payment methods the majority of escorts prefer to use.

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    True. A case can be made if the payments are structured to avoid reporting requirements. So, ten $1K withdrawal, under the reporting regs is supposed to be reported, provided they are made at or about the same time.
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    I don't think there's any specific amount, withdrawals or deposits, that wouldn't trigger a financial institution to file IRS Form 8300. Just the consistent behavior of an individual customer involved cash transactions that over a short period of time totaling over $10K in transactions.

    Hastert's specific allegations were that he was withdrawing more than $10K before a bank employee told him of the reporting requirements, then he started withdrawing amounts smaller than $10K but added together the transactions amount to $1.5 million.

    The question not answered as far as I have read is, "What did his victim do with the $1.5 million?" He wasn't arrested for structuring deposits.
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  3. This short article may explain your question about the victim and why he wasn't arrested. In short, he did nothing wrong.
  4. Came back to say:
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  6. I have had a client go Old Testament and heal a leper of my choosing.

    How did you know my "alternative" method of payment? Uncanny!
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    Dance of the seven veils?
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    Cash is preferred for transactions of 1G or less & Paypal for larger amounts tho I welcome Paypal for all transactions including 1 hour appts.
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    The withdrawal can be seen in an account but, where it ends up isn't necessarily easy to see~
    Sometimes, where it ends up is the problem... (for spouses and dependants).
  12. It depends on how often I see a client. If it is a regular client then I have no problem with personal checks or PayPal. If it is a one timer or infrequent then cash. Pure and simple as most of my clients want and need to be discreet.
  13. Actually, I am glad that cash is still mostly used. I do not have an atm card. I think I would have a lot of impulse escorting if I could just wipe out my visa every time I wanted a hot wet ball licking blowjob.
  14. Side note. Went to a salad place in DC. (Sweet Green). They didn't accept cash. I promptly walked to a nearby place to eat instead :cool:

    Does anyone else pay cash for hotel stays? I have gotten in that habit and it's amazing paying cash at checkout. I can get rid of any undesirable bills (endless 20s), and not have record of dozens of hotel stays.
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  15. You can pay cash but don't most request a credit card for incidentals.
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  16. John Ensign had his parents pay his mistress Cynthia Hampton $ 96,000 on checks under 12,000 as personal gifts, while also having her husband and son work for him but getting them fired after he had to move on...

    Sorry, I'm off subject but I just can't stand hypocrisy.

    Back to the subject:

    Cash is king but PayPal is good for paying rent/mortgage and other things folks usually pay with a check and NOT with cash.
  17. Yes it is. I never charge incidentals so my bank statement eventually shows nothing. Ive encountered 3 scenarios:
    1: Room charges plus incidentals charged, refunded at checkout with cash payment.
    2. Cash paid at check in with card for incidentals. Charge later removed.
    3. Cash paid at check in for room and incidentals. Upon checkout, room is inspected for damage or mini bar items used. Once cleared, cash incidental money is refunded. Every hotel is different in their policies and what they allow. I'll have the total room charge to the penny prepared in an envelope. Hotel reception HATES cash, so I try and be understanding by making their life easier.
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    Again, I'm unsure why you're quoting my post. Your post has nothing to do with what I posted.

    It is good to know you sometimes cannot stand yourself. That's a very healthy confession.
  19. Secretly I'm a Trump supporter... you've read my mind, you're a such a genius.

    (some of yinz don't get sarcasm, that was sarcasm)