Paris escorts?

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  1. xafnndapp

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    Anybody has any recent input on the escorts scene in Paris?
    I am in the gorgeous Ville Lumiere for 5 days.

    Any place at all like Villa San Giovanni in London or Adan Sauna in Barcelona?...

    I found these 2 hot guys on rentmen, just to give an idea of what I like, and just in case someone happened to hire them...

    Bruno (Based in Lisboa but visiting Paris now):

    Open to more suggestions. :D

    PD The website gayromeo (planetromeo) which used be great for European escorts has changed totally style and format, and the "Escort" sector has disappeared....:(
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  2. Tarte Gogo

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    Use the classic version of the planet Romeo website to see the escort tab.
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    Thank you SO much!!
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  5. xafnndapp

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    I ended meeting TaurusXL from rentmen. Very hot Brazilian guy, gives very good massage + nice extras
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    alanparis on planetromeo looks hot, never met him though
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    Musclelover is a stunner.
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    Wow, Musclelover looks incredible. Do you happen to still have his contact info?

    First time seeing Does he provide all standard escorting services, or is it just muscle worship?