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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Racketjock, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Racketjock

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    Is it possible to download a video from Sean Cody (with whom I have a subscription) to my PC to view when I am not connected to the internet at my discretion? I imagine there is, but am not technically gifted enough to figure out. Appreciate any advice!
  2. Robster

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    Yes. When you're on the page with the scene you want, there's a link to download it. It doesn't say "download", for some reason, I think it's just three dots. My Sean Cody membership recently ended, so I can't do a screenshot. But while I was a member, I downloaded quite a few of their videos. (No DRM, yay!)

  3. Racketjock

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    Awesome. Found it. Thanks much!
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  4. rvwnsd

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    As of today, they have changed the download icon from three dots to the universal download symbol (down arrow pointing at a line).

    Glad you found it! Was going to post a screenshot. :)
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  5. rvwnsd

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    I provided information that is not 100% correct. When not logged in, the site displays the down-arrow icon. When logged in,the ellipses (three dots) are displayed. The ellipses have become the symbol for "more information" or "more menu choices." Another symbol for "more menu choices" is three stacked lines, also known as a "hamburger menu." These icons have become widely used as sites adopt "responsive design." Responsive design refers to a website where one design serves multiple platforms, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.
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