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  1. LAtommy

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    Oh were does one go in the Big Apple to find the boys?
  2. Minneapolis

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    You will have luck at Stellas near Times Square. You might also get lucky just walking outside of the bar, but there always seemed to be cops walking the corner outside when I visited NYC. Good luck!
  3. jizzdepapi

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    depends on what you're looking for in "boys." if u can be a little more detailed in what you're looking for, i'm sure you'll get input. versatile or trade, ethnicity or race, age, etc.?

  4. jizzdepapi

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    p.s.: looks like you're looking for street action since you posted in 'street hustlers' forum.

    try a search on 'port authority,' and maybe one on 'stella's'. you might also try 'greenwich village.'
  5. Jason Coxx

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    If you are looking for street hustlers, your best bet is around west 10th street by the west side highway after 12am. Recently I have noticed a lot of young guys hanging out in that area looking for work.

    Jason Coxx
  6. jizzdepapi

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    be cautious in this area late at night. there are people around on weekend nights fairly late but it is a frequently desserted area on weeknights.

    be mindful of alleys and dark spots where you could be mugged. and watch for cars which rarely contain gay-bashing drunken teens.

    happy hunting,
  7. gregg15555

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    What kind of guys will I find at Stellas? And what is normally the going rate? I'm new at this .... so .... do I approach them? Will they approach me? Thanks.
  8. CT Dick

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    Tommy, there is often a boy or two hanging around on the streets near Julius (W 10th & Waverly) in the Village. I've seen them there both afternoons and evenings.

    I've never picked one up and they often look dirty and spaced out.



    Where the heck is Stella's, I even tried to walk the whole lenght of 47th Street and never saw it. Does it have a sign outside that says it? Is it before or after the fire station? Guess I got the wrong street? What am I doing wrong?
  10. Minneapolis

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    I'm not sure of the address, but I think its actually a block north of the firestation. Take a right and its about 30 feet on the right hand side. The windows are tinted, but I believe there is a sign written on the front door. Don't confuse it with the louge right next to it. Hope that helps. Its been a few months since I've been there.
  11. woodli

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    >Your best bet is the video
    >arcade on 8th Avenue between
    >34th and 35th streets, directly
    >across from the New Yorker

    Hi, LikeEm-- a (perhaps naive) question-- once you hook up with one of these guys from the video arcade, where do you go? Are there places in the arcade itself? (never been there, not really familiar with that kind of scene) Does the New Yorker Hotel have short-stay arrangements???? The only place I know of is way over on the East Side. Thanks for the help.

  12. LikeEmShort

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    Your best bet is the video arcade on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets, directly across from the New Yorker Hotel. Go to the second floor and you'll find just what you're looking for. Though some of the guys there are a bit on the sketchy side, there are also quite a few who aren't. You'll find any number of streetwise (and sometimes very hot) black/Puerto Rican boys/men just looking for easy cash and a good time. The place is very well managed and the employees/security keep things in line and tend to be friendly. You'll also find boys hanging out in front, between the arcade and the Payless shoe store. It's open 24/7, but the best time to go is any day between 5-7 p.m. Good luck!
    P.S. Stella's is right next to the China Club, but in my opinion that place has seen better days.
  13. Jerzyboys

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    Christopher Street Area by West Side Highway. Beware of latino who calls himself 'Whistle" should have known by his looks he was a dirty stinkin *****. Probably hadn't taken a shower in a week. Went about 20 feet and decided not to continue. The small loss to get rid of him was worth holding our breath through the whole scene. What do you want he's a street hustler. Guess we shouldn't stereotype, but oh, well.
  14. LikeEmShort

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    The arcade has booths that you can slip into with the guys there. Just be discreet. The security guards are there to keep it from happening, but as long as you're spending money up there (tipping the guards with four or five bucks, feeding dollar bills so movies show in the booth you're in, etc.) they're usually pretty cool.
    And it IS happening up there, all the time. If you have the luxury of living here in NYC, it helps if you can go two or three times to get a sense of how it all works. I live close, so I usually ask them over to my apartment, but there's nothing here they'd want, and I ALWAYS know where my keys and my wallet are.
    The New Yorker hotel is owned by the Ramada Inn chain. The only by-the-hour hotel I know of in the area is on 42nd and 9th Avenue, above Dunkin Donuts. The entrance is on 42nd, just east of 9th Ave.


    This video shop is streaming with people during lunch time as well...
  16. njguy

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    I've also had some good (and bad) luck at the peep show on 8th Ave and 34th St. I also have some latino and black hustler connections to " share " if any of you guys are interested in exchanging info
    email me directly @
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    Hey guys...hanks for the responses...hope you all got my email with my recomendations fr you! how about a few for me lol...I could yusesoe new hot eat thnks again for the replies
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    Yet another waste. Christopher St. by West Side Hghwy. This time "Junior" ,a little "Herman Munster" look going on. Says is versatile when it comes down to it, a lie. also a "limb dick" Asks for $$ up front. Beware of this "con=artist" Save your money for Holiday shopping, we certainly are.
  19. Jerzyboys

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    Christopher Street has been pretty "dead" lately. Is there a new spot other than Stella's to find latin street hustlers? Please drop us a line. If there's any "latino" street hustlers on the board drop us a line as well.
  20. OnMyKnees4UC

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    Just a note of caution about picking up street trade in the Village around 10th street. I have lived in this neighborhood for over 20 years. My apartment faces 10th. and Washington Street. Exactly where many of these boys hang out. In the past months the police have been going around in unmarked cars. It has become a bit of a sore spot to the people living in the area. Be careful- most of these boys will wind up in one of the vidio booths on west street eventually. As for Stellas - It is located on 47 Street between 7th and 8th avennues. Just off 8th on the righthand side if you are walking towards 7th. Usually doesn't get busy until about 9 or 10 eves. Prices are usualy neg. depending on how popular the boy is,how busy it is and what you had in mind. Also go-go boy shows most nights. Very easy to make contact. Hope this helps.