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  1. ct2point

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    thoughts?? i love bath houses but for some reason never been.. may go today
  2. WSC ain't great, but it's what NYC has to offer. I'm told its sister site, the East Side Club is the more depressing of the two.

    They have coupons online that get you in for $10 after midnight on weekdays (not including Memorial Day, I'm sure) or, if you're under 30, $15 on Wednesday evenings. That's in addition to the $15 one month membership or $40 annual membership.

    Kevin Slater
  3. ct2point

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    thanks for the info... i think im gonna give it a try.. lose my hotel at noon and still kinda going :)
  4. I haven't been to the WSC in years. They're very rude to their customers.

    It's called The Ramble. Richard Quest got arrested there some years back with crystal meth on him. I don't go there but I hear the police are fairly prevalent.
  5. They definitely were a few years back. Somewhat less so now.

    Kevin Slater
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    Fen park seems pretty big wheresabouts is it where guys play?
  7. Charlie

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    This thread makes me feel like I am back in the early 80s.
  8. Hornplatz

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    I've been to the WSC about 3 times over the past 3 years - I found it to be very disappointing - not particularly clean - the staff is damn rude.
    I don't call it a bathhouse - no orgy room - no sauna - no steam.
  9. Not nearly as rude as they used to be. You'd have loved it back in the day...

    There is a sauna (across from the showers), but it's not always open.

    Kevin Slater
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    Anyone here remember the Saint Marks Baths?
  11. nycman

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    God I hate you.....teasing us with when NYC was FUN!

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    Last time I was at the WSC is was primarily meth-heads looking for someone to buy them a "bump". Everyone had crystal dick, so those of you who are bottoms would be seriously out of luck.
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    Well, of course I do. Also the Everards and several other bath houses. Those were the Good Olde Days, when all one worried about was clap, crabs, hepatitis, syphilis and giardiasis. And falling in love with someone who didn't look so good outside in daylight.
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  14. Hornplatz

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    The St Marks - brings back some wonderful memories. It was a great place to cruise and play. I liked it better than the Club Baths.