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Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by Bluealpha3225, Oct 7, 2017.

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    May be in NYC for one night this week. Would love some recommendations on good bars/clubs/shops to hit up for some action. Young 30s here and super discrete. So ideally looking for a cruisy place that I might like after I’ve had a few drinks :)
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    Looking for recommendations on NYC Street Scene?...Sorry wrong decade, not the 80s, 90s anymore.
  3. Deadlift1

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    I would hang out in Hells Kitchen. 30 somethings. Maybe some of the other guys can help on a specific bar.
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    Hells Kitchen around 10th Ave. Fairytale Lounge gets overflow and in-n-outs on sidewalks. Mostly G4P but if they're drunk or high enough they forget which team they play for. There are several other gay bars in the area. Latter it gets the more bisexual the the "st8" guys become. By 4am you can pick up anyone laying on the sidewalk. YMMV
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  5. Are ROUNDS and BOOTS and SADDLES Gone? Used to be good professional cruising4

    The Townhouse - still attracts professional crusing4
  6. Just noticed that Boots and Saddles was shuttered the other day. Shame, cuz one of the employees and I had a flirtation thang going on when I'd walk by with puppy.

    Kevin Slater