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    Hi everyone! My name is Alan and I'm fairly new to all of this. Here is the link to my profile.

    I would love any suggestions and advice on how to improve it for maximum effect. No feedback is bad feedback. I've also started the interview process and am working to finish it! If anyone has anymore questions that are not posted just ask. I'd be more than happy to answer them!

    I'm a Very Outgoing guy and I love making connections that can last for a few precious moments or a lifetime! I've met a couple of of very interesting and helpful people so far. Looking at this long term. I love to make people happy. To see that look in someone's eyes, is one of the most rewarding things to me. I can't wait to hear from you all!!
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  2. The last line of the first paragraph, Im wants to be I'm.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the second paragraph (especially in all caps). It provides you no legal protection whatsoever and I say is off putting to the client.

    Speaking of, Atlanta is odd in that is specifically requires escorts to be licensed. (No need to prove prostitution if you can prove the simpler offense of escorting without a license.) You'll want to google the particulars, my quick search came up with this.

    Good luck and stick around.

    Kevin Slater
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    Welcome to the Forum, Alan!

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Alan and he'll make a wonderful addition to our cadre of companions !

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    A license to escort? This is the first I've heard of this.
  5. AlanDC

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    Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you as well!
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    Ya, an "Adult Entertainment" permit so the police dept has your facts and pix on file- if you're gonna work at Richard's or BJ Rooster to drum up business, the permit is a requirement for employment.
  7. My understanding is that an escort permit is something else. The link I gave above is specifically for an escort license.

    Kevin Slater
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    Alan, welcome to the Forum. There are great guys (and some gals) here, and lots of good resources.

    My suggestion to a "newbie" would be to be very responsive and conscientious with communications. A big complaint I see all over here on the Forum are complaints about lousy or nonresponsive communications. Not returning texts or emails, or providing minimal responses, and so on. You don't need to be a slave to your phone, and you shouldn't let it intrude on your appointments, but to the best of your ability be timely, friendly and responsive in your communications.

    Beyond that, participate here in the forums so people can start to get to know you. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Atlanta continues to be a market with high demand for escorts, so good choice. Please read your ad and correct any errors or mistakes. Since your ad text doesn't mention PrEP and regular testing, I would pass on you if I were looking in Atlanta because you also picked the "Ask Me" answer for the BB/Condom question and talk about being "mild to wild," which sometimes mean anything goes. Since Atlanta has significantly higher infection rates for HIV and syphilis, compared to national averages, please make sure to take safer sex seriously.

    Atlanta's "escort license" is not uncommon. It's used as a deterrent and another crime to hit adult entertainers with if a cop doesn't like them or wants to harass them. Some of the oldest of these laws are in Wisconsin. Here's an article about how they do it supposedly to discourage prostitution.
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    Thank you. I try to be responsive and even say hello to people who even just view my profile. But I will keep this in mind moving forward!!
  11. AlanDC

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    Oh I am Tested regularly and am currently drug and disease free HIV- as of the last week of October. I get tested every 3 months. I will correct this on my profile immediately. Thank you for the advice.
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    I have similar concerns about your "Ask Me" answer to the Safe/bb question. To me, this answer implies that, at least some of the time, you're willing to bareback. Regular testing doesn't help much if you don't have a solid risk avoidance strategy. If you're thinking that you're ok barebacking with clients who say they're HIV negative and "look clean," you're being foolish and naive. You should be on PrEP, and if you are, you should include that in your profile.
  13. LivingnLA

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    Well said.
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    Too many fully clothed pix and backward caps. I would have passed on you, based on those pix. A cute face is nice...but if you're escorting, I expect to see at least a few shirtless photos first.
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    Get on PreP & get tested more frequently than every three months if you're going to BB.

    It is worth it. Your health is the most important thing to you.

    Also get HPV vaccine series, 9 valent - (pay for it out of pocket if you don't have it covered)
  16. pubic_assistance

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    If you're barebacking with the general public you'd better be getting checked for STDs every week. PreP has caused a renewed SURGE of cases of syphilis in the gay community.
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  17. AlanDC

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    I understand Fully what you are saying and I do have an appointment to get My PrEP Medication. I have not had BB with any client I have met and I would not unless I have proof they are HIV/DD free. (Also it has to be a regular) I'm not one for BB with anyone unless I am usually dating and know for a fact that my partner is clean. My health is way to important to myself and when I'm in a relationship to my partner as well.
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    Thanks for the advice. However although I do have a very high sex drive I'm still not acting upon it with randoms or anyone I do not know. Therefore I don't have sex that often. But I do appreciate the advice and will keep it in mind everytime!
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    Thank you. I understand that and I'm working on new pictures for my account. I do have a shirtless picture in my private pictures. I am not here to offer myself for sex nor imply that. I'm here to make connections and to make my clients happy with the time they request. I will however accommodate any clients request for photos when needed.
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    I am a total whore if you want to talk about sex drive. But I am alive to chat with you because I have played SAFE for all these years. PreP is all well and good, but not 100% effective against HIV and does NOTHING to protect you from other STDs.