My Perfect Specimen 1/9/2017

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  1. whipped guy

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    Perfect Specimen 1/9/2017

    I present the following guy from my archive. If he looks familiar I have posted him before, but had not explored all of his assets in such detail until recently.

    Great pecs with a nice lower fullness, healthy arms, broad lats, powerful thighs (between which I could easily get lost), a nice package, and the pièce de résistance... one of the firmest butts that I have ever seen!






    What would make this guy more perfect? Well if he were not plucked like a chicken and had a set of low hangers he would be even more perfect. Some might be tempted to say, "Close but no cigar".

    However, we all know that there is no such thing as perfection in life, and al least this guy has a "cigar". ;)
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  2. Chuckball

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    The guy has not only a great body builder's physique but he is great looking to boot. Only complaint is with body building in general: why do these guys feel they must get rid of all body hair to show off their bods?
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  3. bigvalboy

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    Body hair hides definition, a key component in winning a competition.
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  4. bigvalboy

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    He's perfect for me. :D
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  5. TruHart1

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    ...and his "cigar" is almost as perfect as can be, in a state that makes me salivate in anticipation!!! :p:);) "Per sempre, indeed!!!;)

    TruHart1 :cool:
  6. whipped guy

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    Both you guys are right! For competition they need to be totally shaved to reveal the definition, and given the posing briefs that they wear that requires plucking that particular area like a chicken as well.

    As a compromise (as in if I were going to hook up with such a guy) I like the upper body shaved so as one can delight in the muscular magnificence. However, I like below the belt possibly trimmed with the legs more or less natural. Here is a good example using a pic of a guy that I can't get enough of:


    Fortunately that's how a current fav presents himself.

    Still, at times some guys look better in their natural state or with some descrete trimming. Now this works:

  7. AdamSmith

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    Agree with all about too much depilitation.

    Have mentioned before one time (2003) visiting Nob Hill, viewing a lineup of muscle dancers waxed smooth, and not being able to put out of mind the image of a chorus line of tinned snails.
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  8. whipped guy

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    Now not to hijack my own thread, but would it be permissible to serve the above referenced snails with ketchup?

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  9. masonguy

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    You sure know how to pick the best!
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  10. Becket

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    I'm beginning to think Whipped guy is having more fun than me. Grin.
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