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    I was wondering if there are certain precautions people take when they're with a masseur. For example if you check to make sure their hands are clean or something. I ask because I'm pretty certain I caught molluscum in an area from a masseur since no one else has been in that area for a over year. Maybe it's just a risk you take like anything else and I was just unlucky?
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  2. I must admit I’d never heard of this condition so I had to look it up on the Internet. I don’t have an answer as to how you might have contracted mollsucum but here’s a link for other Forum members that provides basic information.
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    It took some time to figure out what it was and I had one biopsied to confirm. Fortunately it's something that treatable and will eventually resolve on it's own, but I've found the whole episode highly embarrassing and it has put off any thoughts of any possible activity for months. It did make me more aware and educated of other things to watch out for and prompted me to get the HPV vaccine.

    Other than trying to pay more attention to the physical condition of the other person and ensuring protection and regular screening on your part, I'm guessing there's only so much one can do? I think I was just wondering if anyone had similar experiences and if anyone had additional advice on what they do to ensure a safe and fun time.

    I think I'm having second thoughts on putting this out there, haha.
  4. I started bringing my own warm coconut oil to massages. Coconut oil is a natural antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial. But you have to get the solid coconut oil and warm it and not the newer liquid version (the liquid version is devoid of most antimicrobial properties)
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  5. I started using that after someone here recommended applying it to the head of your cock to increase sensitivity. Kinda embarrassing to find out that my dog absolutely LOVES it; when she hears the jar open her ears perk up and she runs over to me. I try to restrain her to just licking it off my hands. Some lines shouldn't be crossed.