Male Houses in Buenos Aires????

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    The last time that I was in Buenos Aires, an acquaintance of mine visited a couple of Houses of Boys
    as they were called. One of the houses was located at UribuRu 1059, Apt. 3P; the phone numbers cited were 4825-4292 or 4825-8560; the other location was at Arenales 2029. Their telephone number is 4821-8643 or 4829-2781. ...don't know if either or both are still in existence. If you're a future visitor to the city of portenos, and interested, please inquire and post back here for us.

    Again, the email that my friend sent to me has a five year date, but perhaps one or more or new ones have come about since that time. Future visitors please inquire and post when you return!
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    I think you may have a typo in the first address: I believe the street is named UribuRu

    I never visited such a house during numerous stays in Buenos Aires as there were plenty of opportunities to meet men elsewhere and prostitution is legal in Argentina. From reading local forums, I know that some places keep the same telephone number though their locations change.

    But if this is of interest to you, surely you can just pick up the phone and enquire if and where they're operating?
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    If you do a Google search of "Arenales 2029" - it looks like there was some kind of community crackdown on brothels in the area about 3 years ago. I can't be sure since I don't speak their language, but at least on report stated that there was a male brothel at that address but also mentioned narcotics, the mafia, etc. I would be a little hesitant to visit the area. There is a you tube video in which a reporter has an interview at the site.
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    Thanks for your post JayCeeKy. I'd never thought of googling an address to see what info is available online.

    I feel the areas around each address are safe in daylight, but, as in almost all parts of the city, it pays to be alert and pay attention to your surroundings at night.
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    Seems your second address was busted by the authorities in 2013 when I googled it...I'm also planning a trip to Argentina to look for men
  6. The correct name of the street is Uriburu, MLer is correct.
    I'm not sure because the legal situation has changed several times, but I do not think prostotution is legal in Buenos Aires right now. It is not penalized but it is not legalized. That grey area. Indeed it is flourishing and tolerated. That situation may be different in other provinces (states), as it is a federal country.
    The referred neighborhood is safe even at night.
    I'm not sure if the brothels still exist, I'm inclined to believe that Internet and sites like soy have killed them. I'm not interested in them.
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    Not to quibble but I stand by my statement that you must stay alert almost everywhere when walking in Buenos Aires.

    On my last visit a couple of years ago, I witnessed 2 daytime robberies at knifepoint in the best part of Recoleta. Previously such attacks were confined to the trains and to poorer areas with less security on the streets. Most robberies are not made with knives or guns but consist simply of snatch-and-grab of valuables while people are walking. These even happen in the luxury section of Avenida Alvear.
  8. The same happens in DuPont Circle in Washington DC. You are correct, as long as you are not saying you need to take more precautions in Buenos Aires than in a big city of the northern hemisphere. (I almost wrote First World)
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    I don't want to go off-topic but I travel often to the major US cities. Of course, I stay and socialise only in the best areas of those cities, and I feel safe. In contrast, the level of personal "crime and insecurity" (as Argentines call it) is very high in so-called good areas of Buenos Aires.

    I'm not comparing overall crime-rates in the two countries. FWIW I can relate numerous 'horror' stories of crime - burglaries, street robberies, snatch-and-grab, robberies in taxis at gunpoint, carjackings, shootings in the street - in good areas of Buenos Aires.
  10. Honestly, you may be right @MscleLovr , I live in DC and Buenos Aires is not worse, but I guess WDC is not a good example of low crime city.
    I'm also a little bit sick of how much Argentine press focuses on petty crime. It is a distraction of the real issues facing the country.
    I never intended to sound confrontational to you, if that was the case, I apologize.
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    No apology needed. I agree that Argentina has very severe problems with corrupt politicians looting the country. I like visiting there and I hope their economic and social problems can be eased.
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    Well I guess I won't be visiting Argentina lol although id love to go to their huge carnival there!
  13. The big carnaval is not in Buenos Aires but in the NE of the country, the states are Entre RĂ­os and Corrientes, the biggest one is in Corrientes city. It is nice, but just a shade of Brazilian carnaval.
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    Yes I know it's not in Buenos Aires, but the pics got me excited!

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