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Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by proust, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. proust

    proust Novice

    Any recommendations for escorts in London who know how to fist well?
  2. AndyM

    AndyM Newbie

    Hey there.
    I have many years experience opening a hole gently so it can carry on all night. Am good with depth and punching once you're nice and sloppy.
    More pics and details at or EscortAndy on bbrt. Have pics to share on WhatsApp - 07940 012 370 Andy
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  3. mike carey

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    Welcome to the forum, Andy!
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  4. Keith30309

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    Welcome Andy!
  5. beachboy

    beachboy Count

    Welcome Andy. Another Brit in the forum - Yaay !
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  6. azdr0710

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  7. joethomas

    joethomas Knight

    Hi guys - Brit client here too - any good places to go in London?
    I've been to VG but the guys there are usually too young!
  8. beachboy

    beachboy Count

    Kinda depends what you're looking for. What floats yet boat fella?
  9. Zander

    Zander Newbie

    If your into two sexy boys then I recommend these to chaps very sexy and very smart but make sure you handle the lube hehe
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  10. proust

    proust Novice

    Two might be a bit of a challenge
  11. Jessifox

    Jessifox Newbie

    Hi, I lately tried service called Escortmat and I can highly recommend it.