Little Irritants of Life

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by not2rowdy, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. not2rowdy

    not2rowdy Knight

    I’ll start out with this one:

    The Devil Sock

    Ok…you’re doing your laundry. The dryer just finished doing its thing.
    You’ve been here before. You KNOW the “devil sock” is in there.
    You take special precautions.
    You…VERY carefully…crack the dryer door open…
    You…VERY carefully…start to SLOWLY remove the clothes….

    You blink…and in that blink that sonofabitch LEAPS out of the dryer…
    And skittles across the floor…
    And starts humping that damn dust bunny up against the wall…
    (and you ran your Swiffer Duster in the laundry JUST YESTERDAY!!)

    Anyone else with something to add?
  2. Figuring out you screwed up clipping a toenail when it scrapes against your blanket.
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  3. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent

    Craving a machiatto and a lemon loaf, and going to Starbucks and seeing it in the display case, and asking the girl could she please get you one of those delicious lemon loafs, only to be told that all the cakes in the case are "plastic replicas" and that they are actually out of the lemon loaf....

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  4. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    Have some CHEESECAKE !
  5. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    Other than the BIG political irritant we are all experiencing, its being "forgetful".. Age is a bitch, and forgetting where you put shit just kills your day....
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  6. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

    I want to know WHERE THE HELL my sox disappear to from the dryer. and it's always an odd number that disappears!
    And don't tell me, "sock heaven"!
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  7. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    I always find em wrapped up in my sheets
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  8. jawjateck

    jawjateck Count

    Use the drive-thru window, order, request condiments, pay, do a quick check of the bag before driving away, get home, open it up, and the order is wrong and requested condiments are missing. ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :(:mad:
  9. Mispellings.

    Kevin Slater
  10. WmClarke

    WmClarke Count

    They transform into extra Tupperware lids.
  11. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    Lately I've been finding extra sox so now I know where they've been coming from!
    Well at least I now know where my Tupperware® lids have disappeared to!
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  12. An aside, but you all know that every Tupperware lid has a letter on the tab and every container has a letter underneath to tell you which match, right?

    Kevin Slater
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  13. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes Administrator Staff Member

    You spend the entire ficking day looking for your shit, climb into bed and feel it humping your leg!

    s <--- The lone letter that randomly shows up to mess up your post!
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  14. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    You got that right and sometimes you are not sure what day it is and yesterday was your dental appointment.
  15. sync

    sync Count

    Not paying attention when I go marketing: Get home with wheat bread instead of white bread, low-calorie instead of regular whatever, and just recently, flavored instead of unflavored vodka (kill me now). :(
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  16. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    Well sync, you must have a guardian angel since wheat and low calorie is better for you anyway.... Cant speak on the vodka since I don't drink...... but maybe I should. ?
  17. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent

    +1...Or grabbing sugar free jelly, or Non-fat milk by mistake...I just want to scream.
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  18. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    "Getting Fuzz balls on my Cashmere pisses me Off"......

  19. gallahadesquire

    gallahadesquire Marquess

    They are in an alternate universe, along with the missing ball point pens.
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  20. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    This always irritates me... but waking up in the morning and having to wash and brush your teeth. Just because when I wake up, Im still so tired for like 15 minutes and I just want to go back to bed and cuddle up with my pillow some more :(

    but after i wash my face and brush my teeth I'm awake for the entire day, it just takes me a while to finally awaken :oops:

    AND being in bed ready to fall asleep when a client contacts you :( :p the ABSOLUTE worse lol
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