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    I have lurked in this forum for several years. I can't thank you all enough for saving me from some awful experiences. This place is really a service.
    I hired JacobTop from RM a few months back and the experience was so damn transcendent that I finally gave in and wrote a review on Daddys because he hadn't had one and god knows he deserved one.
    Since I finally created an account in order to do that I figured i might as well go ahead and jump into the pool here too. But i don't totally understand all of the rules and how to post, etc. I have gleaned a lot from lurking and reading over the years (Don't post real names. Don't post numbers, etc) but is there a place where I can actually find the official rules? Are they written or posted somewhere?
    Also, can someone explain the "titles/levels" (Earl, Baron, Journeyman, and so on). Right now I am a "novice" which makes sense since I'm new to posting (though it stings a little, as I have been around and hiring long enough to not be novice! LOL). I appreciate the levels because I have always given a bit more weight to the postings of those who aren't newbies or novices in the past. But what is the hierarchy, and how are these levels "achieved"? Is there something i need to do to graduate to the next one or does it just happen at some point?

    And is there anything else I should know?

    Thanks guys. Look forward to joining the conversation now vs just listening.
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    First, welcome to the forum. [​IMG]

    One tip: if you post asking for info on a particular escort (in the Deli or Spa) include the city. "411 on _____ in _____". I think you'll get more views that way. I often ignore posts that don't say where the escort is.

    Oh and include links. For example to your (excellent) review: [​IMG]
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    Welcome to the village! The levels refer to how many posts you have made. More posts = different title. Feel free to contribute and join the fun, just keep it real and in check. After all, we can only handle so many 10,000+ posters at any given time. HAHAHA! :D
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    I think this thread did a good job of explaining the titles/levels. http://www.message-forum.net/threads/what-do-our-titles-here-mean.106228/ The long and the short of it is:

    Forum levels
    0 – 9 Newbie
    10-24 Novice
    25-49 Apprentice
    50-99 Journeyman
    100-249 Master
    250-499 Knight
    500-749 Lord
    750-999 Baron
    1000-1999 Viscount
    2000-2999 Count
    3000-3999 Earl
    4000-4999 Marquess
    5000-5999 Duke
    6000-7499 Peer
    7500-9999 Prince
    10000+ Regent

    There is also this, under “Help Links” http://www.message-forum.net/help/terms

    My bit of advice would be to not jump on every ridiculous, offensive, or hostile thing that someone might say (and there are plenty of those). Give it some time before responding and don’t be afraid to let some comments go, especially if you spend any time in the politics forum.
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    At the bottom right of this page, you will find a tiny "Terms and Rules" link.
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    Many thanks. I joined in November of 2014 and have never noticed that link.