Le Boy VIP Lounge - what's the deal?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by DickyF, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Le Boy in Ft L has a VIP Lounge you rent for your dancer. It's one hour in a private room with a door. $260 I believe. I asked the dancer I was getting a lap dance from what the deal was and he was very coy. I thought maybe he couldn't say out loud.
    I would think an hour long lap dance would be very frustrating. Is it more than that? Any experience anyone? Can the client at least get undressed? (That may not be legal.) Is there anything more than the basic groping?
    My hunch is it's basically up to the dancer how far it goes since it may not be legal. Anyone know?
  2. I don't know about LeBoy, but in other clubs, it's very much up to the dancer how far a private dance goes. I've experienced private dances all along the spectrum, from almost chaste, to ... just wow.
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    as always with anybody you're very interested in, chat him up in a friendly and casual way, tip him a little bit, smile, then discuss what you'd like to do in the VIP area/room.....you probably should be "discreet" (can be a tricky balancing act, I know) and certainly respectful.....I suppose if you grope him a good bit out in the main area during a regular lap dance, most fear he may have that you're law-enforcement will disappear??......come to a solid agreement on the "terms" before committing....

    yes, there certainly will be varying levels to which the dancers will go in a private.....be clean, friendly, respectful, and ready to pay!
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    FWIW...For what the owner wants for the VIP room, $250 with a free $5 bottle of cheap champaign (very tacky) BTW, you could take the man home. Why would anyone want to have sex in a room that's right there in the main room only a few feet from the bar. Everyone will see you go in, good Lord, they can stand at the door and probably hear everything...:eek:

    For the $250 you could take him down to J Marks, have a nice prime rib, a couple of cocktails, and then take him home for an hour and still have money left over...Something to think about. :p
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    I hinted to him several times that we should go back to my place but no response from him. I'll try to be more direct when I return and see. The VIP room is tacky to be sure but I thought it may be the only option.
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    BVB has never taken me for a J Marks prime rib. :(
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    Up to you, but just so that you know , if I gotta come out of pocket for a prime rib, I'm gettin a little nooky. :eek: No one gets a free ride.:D
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