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Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Westsideguy, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Westsideguy

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    Heading to Vegas this weekend. Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. MarkJD

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    I'm headed there two weekends from now... Please let me know if you find some place(s) to recommend!
  3. shoparound

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    Just landed in Vegas, so far it's been disappointing.
    I went to Piranha last night, crowd was ok, they had 4 dancers one of them female and only one that was actually hot.
    Apparently there is also no touching when you tip them (even though they are clothed), which is the first I've come across in a "gay gogo bar" between SF, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, LA, NYC, etc.
    Also the bathrooms have dividers and a bathroom attended so there is no fun there whatsoever.
    Truth to be told the hottest guy was one of the bartenders wearing briefs.
  4. nycman

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    Vegas is a dump....hang out with your straight friends by the pool....and make the most of it.
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  5. JayNY

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    There are no gay male strip clubs in Vegas. If that is what you're looking for, you won't find it in Vegas. Yes, there are 'Bathroom Attendants' working inside most of the clubs in Vegas (including gay clubs). There are several bathouses in vegas, on East Sahara Ave & Maryland Parkway (Comercial cetner area : sex clubs and shops). Charlie's Bar is not bad, but it's off the strip. Sometimes guys do stuff in the bathroom, lots of cruising in the restroom. The gay scene is not that great in Vegas. Piranha/ & 8/12 Club is usually pretty good on the weekends. Give it another try on Friday or Saturday, the weekend gogo dancers are hot. I have met a lot of great guys there, most are there to hook up.

    There are a few hot dudes on Vegas rentment site like, @dereckatlas , Ricky, Jamie, JaxtonWheeler.
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  6. Irtwo

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    Piranha's a gay club? If so, I'm not sure I understand the point of a female dancer there. Is it a mixed crowd?
  7. shoparound

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    Honestly i don't know if it should even be considered a gay club. Again, go-go dancers (some are porn stars) and they don't like to be touched. Very stupid. Drink prices are outrageous too.
  8. sincitymix

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    Las Vegas has some very strict regulations when it comes to touching. Many places wont bend the rules for fear of a surprise inspector or an undercover inspector.
  9. Epigonos

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    Vegas as always promoted a sin city image. The reality is that it has ALWAYS been more of a tease city with a large dose of prudishness thrown in.
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  11. geoffk

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    what about Share? don't they have dancers yet?
  12. sniper

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    Share is closed apparently. It felt like a slightly sketchy area the time I went there, but I'm not a Vegas local so can't say for sure.
    I think Piranha markets itself s sort of pansexual.
    I think Krave would still be going strong if they had just stayed on the Strip, but apparently Planet Hollywood really didn't want them there.
    This wasn't a go-go place, but I'm surprised nobody tried to revive Drink n' Drag, the bowling alley combined with a bar staffed by drag queens. It was always packed when I went there and a straight friend of mine used to have company happy hours there all the time, they loved it. We toyed with the idea of pooling our money and reopening it ourselves but we had zero industry experience and decided against it.
  13. geoffk

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    Tommy Gainer was working at Share so I looked his page up to see what he was doing I guess there is a new club that has dancers. Probably not any private areas but I don't know that.