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  1. Peter122

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    Hi, I'm visiting Las Vegas in a few days and I'm planning on hiring some of the following providers. I would much appreciate any information on them. I'm more drawn to younger athlete types. Your other recommendations for Vegas will be welcome as well. Feel free to also PM me. Thanks a lot!


    Cruisecontroloo, goes by the name of Luke.




  2. azdr0710

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    Have you already looked at rentmen? Slightly better rep than m4rn. And have you checked the Daddy's reviews for LV?
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    I'm also going to check out the rentmen and will post the links for recommendations later. As for the Daddy's reviews, only Corymidwest has a review out of my preferred choices.
  4. builder boy

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    James XXX
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    Don't forget our fit, reviewed Scottish forum buddy Escortrod is based in Vegas.
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    Thanks for the recommendation beachboy. Unfortunately I'm in London at the moment and won't be back in Vegas until February.
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    Vegas's loss is London's gain!
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    With Hustlaball taking place in Las Vegas this week I am surprised there are not dozens more to choose from.
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    Is the TG in his name an abbreviation for Trans Gender, or totally great, or something else (or both)?
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  13. alexslaveboy

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    he's definitely NOT trans gender (not that there's anything wrong with that)
    He's a Alpha male all the way and that's just my preference :D
  14. Edward

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    • Golden Boy i very limited in the activities he will engage in.
  15. CADreamer

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    His name is Tommy Gainer.
  16. Doctore

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    I can confirm this. He charges $300 but is very generous with his time, doesn't watch the clock at all--though he doesn't do anal and will tell you that he "isn't a full-service escort." Muscle worship, cuddling, and letting you suck his dick are about all he'll do.
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    When I vegas all I can think of is Derek atlas .. a few times and then some of the other guys that go thru Vegas..I would recommend doing the rm search for Vegas and see what come up. Also Adam 4 Adam tends to offer a few as well as masseurfinder. Good luck
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    One name, James!!!!!
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    Builderboy pls provide James link for all of us. Thanks
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    Derek Atlas is my best friend's ex-husband's cousin, so he's sort of ruined for me! LOL