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  1. Md. high school investigates petition asking students to join racist movement

    WASHINGTON — In recent weeks swastikas and hate speech have cropped up on bathroom walls at a few schools in the area.

    The latest incident involves a student-created petition at Arundel High School in Gambrills, Maryland, and it’s drawn a swift rebuke from the school superintendent.

    Two students at the school signed a petition asking other students to join a white supremacist movement. School superintendent George Arlotto has sent a note to parents, saying that several students were believed to be involved.

    The Capital Gazette reports that the document was called the Kool Kids Klan and that police were contacted but no charges have been filed.

    In his note, Arlotto said he is shocked, dismayed and angered that such material would turn up at one of the schools. He has promised strong action against the students involved and asked parents to assist in furthering the investigation.

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  3. Lookin

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    We've just shown these kids that divisiveness can get you elected President. Sadly, I doubt they'll be the last to model it.
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    The new normal....
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    The new normal? What you mean is just another hoax!

    "Police worked with Twitter, and were able to identify the person who created the account and sent out the threatening tweet.

    That person has been identified as a 14-year-old African American female who attends Arundel High School."


    Just another hoax like Tawana Brawley, Hands Up Don't Shoot, etc........

    Or maybe BigValBoy is right. Hoaxes may be the "new normal".

    If the KKK had the power these folks think they do, BLM membership would amount to a suicide pact. But a large portion of the current crop of so-called hate crimes are faked ... and will lead to non-prosecution of any real hate crimes that might occur.

    It's called "crying wolf" and, by age 14, she should have been exposed to Aesops Fables.

    America Will Be Great Again
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  6. mike carey

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    Maybe Trump's new committee for state security can solve this!

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    Already solved.
    It's being called a hoax. Hate Hoax? It is a Hoax because she's a black kid. If it was a white kid who did it we would be reading about this as a clear case of a HATE CRIME! Talk about a set of double standards!

    More of the New Normal...

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    I agree with you 100%. A white "kid" did do this. His name is Donald Trump who perpetrated the birther hoax for eight years.

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    Bozo can't begin to imagine how disappointed BLM, Al Sharpton and all the other race baiters are when they find out a white person didn't do it. There goes the meme.

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  10. Lookin

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    Bullshit filter to the rescue!

    There were two tweets. The first, as reported, from the Kool Kids Klan, promoted racism at the high school. The kids were not charged.

    The second, from the 14-year-old African American girl calling herself KoolkidsKlanKkk, was in response to the first post. She was charged.

    If you're going to "hit back", it would be more effective if your link didn't also link back to the truth. Don't feel bad, as Trump hasn't learned this either. His mentor Cohn likely didn't teach him that part, as he didn't have much experience with the internet. It's all there, waiting to trip you up.

    Not too hard to solve, in my opinion. Divisive messages are not targeted messages. They go out in all directions and land on everybody. Division begets division and, as we see here, catch up kids on all sides.

    They can catch up adults too, if the adults behave like kids.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    LOL. The report says ONLY one TWITTER account and that belonged to the 14-year old African American girl!. Are you trying to promote your own hoax here? Too bad. It won't work. More liberal lies...

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  12. Now someone on here is sensitive towards "fake news"....
  13. sincitymix

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    I wouldnt call it a hoax. There was a petition on paper passed around on the school campus, and got signed by a few white students.
    I believe the girl who started this meant it as a GOTCHA type thing. see how many white people will sign this racist petition and then put their names out.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    A few? Try two!
    " The petition was written by the “Kool Kids Klan,” and was signed by two Arundel High School students."

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  15. WilliamM

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    According to the Internet, BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management.:confused:
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