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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by hardjohnny, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. hardjohnny

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    I got a massage from Josh a few months ago after reading several stellar reviews on massagem4m and masseurfinder. However, my experience with him was far below expectations and actually rather unpleasant. I wonder if I missed something because I don't understand how he has so many great reviews.

    I would like to hear some opinions about recent experiences with Josh.
  2. xafnndapp

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    I saw him 11 years ago in LA and had a great memorable experience. It was one of my first (the second?..) sensual massages, so perhaps I remember it fondly also because of that. But hey, that's more than a decade ago!...The only thing that I remember slightly disappointing was the fact that he was not as muscular as I expected and like, more athletic/toned than muscular. Still a strong massage with a lot of foreplay, and a big Texan sausage.

    I am curious to know what made your experience unpleasant.
  3. Diverdan

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    I haven't seen Josh in several years, but for a while, I saw him every time I was in LA... great experience, so I too am wondering what happened.... maybe he just had an off day, which we all can have. I am like xafnndapp, and would like to know more about what happened. Maybe you should just do a review so all would be aware.
  4. I think it's just that there's no such thing as an escort/massuer who will click with 100% of the people. I had a pretty bad experience with an escort who's got a ton of reviews, all overwhelmingly positive. Bad enough that he clearly recognized it too. I didn't write a review and now I'm well past the deadline, I'm regretting that because I had such high expectations going into the appointment and might have put a bit more thought into it had there been one or two not-stellar reviews when I made the appointment.
  5. adriano46

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    I have been interested in Josh for some time but put off because he advertises in multiple cities at the same time when he is not there. I have tried a few times in NYC to book him only to get an eventual (and late) answer, "Oh, I am not in NYC at this time." Then why the hell advertise as if you are? He says he moves around a lot but other guys manage to post realistic calendars.

    Liked the look, but eventually decided, "Not worth all the effort."
  6. I saw him in WeHo a couple of months ago; he seemed more interested in the commercial side of the transaction and I thought the massage was pretty mechanical; I don't think I'd be tempted to see him again with all the other options in LA.
  7. markpaul

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    About a year ago I had an experience similar to the one that Just Sayin' had.
  8. Nvr2Thick

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    When you've communicated with Josh, has he provided more recent photos? The ones in his massagem4m ad say that they were uploaded in 2007 and 2002, and it seems to me that they're older than that.
  9. Ajac

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    As I had said in a PM I had seen Josh for the first time years ago. It was a great experience. Great personality great massage great environment. Felt like I was having a school kid crush on him. After a few more great massages (including the next level) it all changed. He's seemed angry even the massage itself seemed angry.
    I could not think of what I might have done. I asked if everything was OK he said yes. I chalked it up to a bad day on his part and tried again... Same attitude. I get a massage to ease stress not get more. So I stopped seeing him. I discussed this with another board member years ago who seemed to know him better.
    There seemed to be some major issues he was trying to workout . I hope there is still a part of the Josh I had met years ago still in him, he was such a great easy going guy.
  10. actor61

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    I saw him a few years ago and he just talked too damn much. He never shut up - yabber, yabber, yabber. I got really irritated. He was a nice guy, though, and the massage wasn't bad. But I get really disgusted when a masseur/escort has an a la carte menu. I paid a substantial fee and was then told how much extra it would cost me for other "activities". I stuck to what I'd paid for and agreed on. I've never seen him again.
  11. Rudynate

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    I saw him once years ago. I found him very attractive - tall, dark, handsome, lean. The massage wasn't bad, but not stellar and the erotic part was enjoyable but not memorable. I remember we talked alot all the way through the massage and he was fun to talk to.
  12. wehodenizen

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    I met this guy in the early 2000s. The experience was okay but he definitely seemed like he was working through some stuff psychologically. His web site and pictures are both super old—like at least fourteen years old, if not older. Also, he maintains a profile on Adam4Adam where he claims to be 33 years old. He claimed to be 38 in the early 2000s, so do the math.
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  13. Saw him a couple years ago. Massage was good. He's a talker. He begged to rim he. I said no. hands only is my limit. He kept asking then just started licking me. It felt good so I allowed. Then things got really outta control. I enjoyed it though I never agreed to it. It felt amazing but I never wanted it to happen. Now I know how all those girls who get date raped feel. I'm conflicted. I would not go back. But I still beat off to it from time to time. weird.
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  14. hardjohnny

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    That's similar to my experience only it didn't go as far. But it seriously was bad enough. The man is a sick predator. I felt like garbage when I left.
  15. wehodenizen

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    What exactly happened?
  16. tennisjock

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    I also saw him a few times a good 12-14 years ago an deach time. He would want to rim me an do said no Andrew he would then he would offer to fuck me I wanna say in his tanning bed. First time was fun s cone time not so much Denver went back and Sam epics being used now are a good 15 plus years old
  17. Rudynate

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    I think when I saw him, I rimmed him. He seemed a little surprised and said he didn't do that with eveybody.
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