It is 12:10 and I hate 2017. I can't wait until 2018.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by purplekow, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. purplekow

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    Just an idle thought. I hope everyone had a great time ushering in the New Year. I officially became unemployed at midnight. My dogs began barking at midnight when my neighbor set off fireworks, the barking woke me from an early night's slumber. I went to treat myself to some ice cream and realized that yesterday, I had served the last of it to a guest.
    No income source.
    No ice cream course.
    No dream man hung like a horse.
    So back to bed.
    Under the covers I head.
    Ben, Bonehead, Brandy, Bear and I
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  2. honcho

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    A really good musician friend got pink-slipped in early december from his account job. No warning there either.

    I'm truly sorry to learn of your difficulties; I care, and to merely "like" the post would be to make light of some serious and worrisome difficulties. I sincerely wish that your forturnes improve in short order.
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  3. RandyC

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    Take a little time to adjust and then roll up your sleeves and get back out there. There is no reason why 2017 can't be a great year! Good luck.
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  4. purplekow

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    Thanks for the concern, but in reality, being downsized was the best outcome for me. I had already written a resignation letter when I was called to an emergency meeting and told that the end was near. As a result of not resigning, I received an extra three month's pay and I had time to consider my next decision while still employed.

    In starting this thread, I was keeping my New Year's resolution to be a curmudgeon. It occurred to me that I was now old enough to be a curmudgeon and I wanted to try it on. So far, it really does not fit, but I am going to give it a reasonable try. If not, it is back to being a delight.

    I did find this handy guide to being a curmudgeon if there are any others out there wishing to join the independent thinking, hard to please, grumpy club.
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  5. WmClarke

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    Love it!
  6. borgerback

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  7. Charlie

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    I knew Fussell, and never found him particularly curmudgeonly in person. Certainly not as curmudgeonly as our own purplekow (whom, unfortunately, I do not know in person).
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  8. borgerback

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    I'm sorry he's gone - I truly enjoyed his writing.
  9. One of my favorite books is "The Portable Curmudgeon", I found it at a used bookstore years ago. Just a compendium of curmudgeonly quotes arranged by topic, and there are biographies of a dozen or so notable curmudgeons scattered through the book. It was the first I'd ever heard of Dorothy Parker.
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  10. Truereview

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  11. bostonman

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    Now that we're about to have a curmudgeon-in-chief, I wouldn't be surprised if we all turned into curmudgeons by osmosis. :eek:

    We have 365 whole days until 2018, so I'd say let's do our best to enjoy 2017 as much as we can. ;)
  12. WmClarke

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    "Living well is the best revenge."
  13. My face muscles say otherwise. It's one of the reasons I don't smile unless I'm laughing or feeling particularly happy.

    Also, it's much more common for the genders to be reversed.
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  14. glennnn

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    I predict that our @purplekow , who I have met, will prove to be a loveable, Dickensesque curmudgeon. He has been an unbelievably kind friend to me here on the forum (not that he is the only one), but he does have a somewhat jaundiced view of the modern world. Think Andy Rooney without the annoying voice. I can't wait to read his 2017 comments.
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  15. purplekow

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    Well 2017 continues to be a year which needs to end. I had a job interview, it went poorly but they offered me the job anyway. The job pays well but as I just left a job I disliked, I am wondering if I should even take a job I know I am going to leave in short order. While considering that, I now have a cold with fever to 101.5 and a sore throat and inability to breath through my nose. I took a small dose of Afrin which for the first time ever, made me dizzy. After I was feeling better, I was able to go in the steam shower and I was able to clear my nasal passages. When I got out, I found that my dog had climbed the fence and I chased after her, in the rain, for about 30 minutes. I got her back in the house with the aid of a neighbor, and the dog then jumped on my bed which was soaked through. The nasal congestion resumed and I was exhausted from chasing after her.
    So went my first day of unemployment which was supposed to be totally free. Yesterday was actually the first day but I had the aforementioned interview.
    Is the year going better for others? How about sharing something good to cheer up this crabby curmudgeon?
  16. Charlie

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    A good friend who is terminally ill and whom I thought I would never see again, unexpectedly showed up in town, and wants to visit with me. That brightens the opening of my year, even if it is inevitably temporary. Also, after fearing that I might never be able to play tennis again due to a foot problem, I got back on the court today, and won. So I am feeling less curmudgeonly than usual.
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  17. WmClarke

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    I got friend-zoned by a fuck buddy and stood up by an escort.

    Sorry. I guess that wasn't very helpful in cheering you up.
  18. purplekow

    purplekow Regent

    Charlie that is good news even if it is only temporary. Wm. That was helpful in cheering me us. nice to know others are having slight downturns but I suspect that things will get better for you. Ooops, lost my curmudgeonness but only for a second
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  19. WmClarke

    WmClarke Count

    Glad I could help.
  20. kewtex

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    @purplekow, I post this quote out of love and respect for a fellow man: "What a story! Everything but the bloodhounds snappin' at her rear end." (Birdie, "All About Eve")

    It's a matter of perspective. I see a man who awoke another day, had a job interview, and was offered said job. Although the man felt sick, his dog knew the man was well enough for a round of hide and seek, and soak the master's bed. Man survived to tell the tale, and to face tomorrow, possible with grace.

    What seems like a crappy day when in the middle of it will make for a great humorous story to share with escorts, friends, and loved ones.
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