Israeli Hot_Stud NYC

Discussion in 'The Deli' started by iveryhotijake, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I'll betcha Rabbi Hy is gonna have the hots for this guy!
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  4. MartyB

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    I used him several years ago. His pics are real. It was a very nice experience. I did not repeat because at that time I wanted to experiment with different guys and not be so attached to one escort. I actually can't remember all the details but I remember having a good time.
  5. bobnyc

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    Not sure if it really matters but if you really do care, he's not Israeli at all. Very nice guy though, educated and very genuine when I met him.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    Oy. Such a shanda!
    Please don't tell me he's really an uncircumcised goy......
    If you do, I think I'll plotz.

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  7. bobnyc

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    Lol, he's circumcised. I don't know why he felt he would be better saying that he's Israeli. He's not secretive about it though, or at least he wasn't with me. But I was his first hire and he was new to NYC so we hung out as well.
  8. rocksinurhead

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    He's Turkish but lived in Israel
    Looks like his pics
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  9. Cliff

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    Does it really matter if he's Israeli or Turkish or Arab or Mexican or Swahilian??
  10. pubic_assistance

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    It would for me....the word TURKISH gives me an instant *SCHWING* ! Istanbul is loaded with some of the hottest men on the planet.
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  11. Andy2

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    I saw Israeli Hot Stud a while ago and really enjoyed myself, a lot. He does not seem to be Jewish, but he may have been a citizen or resident of Israel (I do not know, but it seems possible). He was very a passionate bottom with me, lotta French kissing and wrestling, and he seemed to enjoy rough-housing.