I'm calling to give you as a birthday gift to my boyfriend/husband? How likely is that to happen?

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  1. I'm calling to give you as a birthday gift to my boyfriend/husband? How likely is that to happen?

    I've heard maybe 1 in 10 will actually do it...
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  2. nsguy45

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    One of my regulars was a birthday gift to a woman's bi husband a few months ago. Husband was hot, too.
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  3. VictorPowers

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    Those requests can always be interesting. I'd say it's more common for the couple to be celebrating something (Anniversary/ Birthday/ Holiday) and they both hate you!
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  4. escortrod

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    It would depend on the precise circumstances. For example, I wouldn't be comfortable going to somebody's home without them knowing about it ahead of time (especially in the US). Done the right way I'd be up for it.
  5. FTM_Twink

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    If the client was genuinely interested in going through with it (and not just fantasizing), it sounds like it would be fun, so long as the gift recipient also knows and is OK with the arrangement. #ConsentIsSexy
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    My partner and I used to play together, but only at sex clubs, so I can see hiring together as a plausible alternative.
  7. Yeah, but I'm asking how often this is a fantasy that will end up in a cancellation because of one of the partners doesn't want to do it? According to what I've been told by escorts this never happens, rarely goes from texting to reality.
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  8. HungBill

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    i wanted a session with daddy porn star Allen Silver and it was near my husbands birthday so I got him the session after miner, he was very happy
  9. TruHart1

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    I once contacted Andrew Justice to ask if he would be willing for me to gift a two-hour session with him for my BFF's birthday. "No problem," said that fine escort. I told my friend (who had been watching many, many of Mr. Justice's sizzling porn videos and was in total lust with the man!) about his special birthday present from me and transferred the fee to his bank account. After meeting with Andrew, my friend told me he felt it was the best birthday gift he'd ever received, Mr. Justice having lived up to every Andrew Justice fantasy my friend had imagined!

    The whole process (Andrew Justice being happy to do it and it being the realization of one of my BFF's major sexual fantasies) felt so great and could not have worked out any better. My respect for Andrew Justice after that knew no bounds and, thankfully, I saw him again a number of times myself before he retired. I sincerely hope his life now, in whatever direction he has gone, is going well for him. He was one of the very best escorts I've ever been lucky enough to meet!!!

    TruHart1 :cool:
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  10. Avalon

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  12. Avalon

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    I hope he has another boyfriend and not a girlfriend.
  13. TruHart1

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    I just hope whoever (guy or girl) is in his life now that he's left the business makes him happy. He's a wonderful man who deserves true happiness!

    TruHart1 :cool:
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  14. ursalex

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    I am a client spending the weekend with my favorite escort, Dane Scott. For his birthday the present I gave him was Mickey Carpathio. I just watched these two pros having fun. WOW!!!
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    Must have been fun!